Would you like to do a PhD project with me?

If you are interested in doing a PhD at Keele with me, you are very welcome to get into contact with me.

Examples of projects I am advertising for 2017 (other projects are possible):

Galaxy populations behind the Magellanic Clouds
The VISTA Magellanic Clouds survey (VMC) is near its completion of the - by far - deepest and most detailed near-infrared mapping of the nearby Magellanic Clouds galaxies, the region in between them, and several flanking fields. This provides a fantastic opportunity for an unbiased near-infrared based selection of background galaxies. Preliminary work has already uncovered galaxies at redshifts between < 0.1 and > 4, some with active nuclei and some with strong absorption line systems arising in foreground gas-rich objects. Combination with equally superb mid- and far-infrared maps from the SAGE and HERITAGE projects, radio continuum surveys, and X-ray observations offer a wealth of data to characterise the galaxies and identify both trends and outliers. (An example of the latter was our discovery of a modest-mass early-type galaxy hosting an oversized black hole.) While ample data are available for galaxy population and clustering analysis and the creation of a catalogue and atlas, these will also yield various types of targets for follow-up observations (spectroscopic and Hubble Space Telescope and/or James Webb Space Telescope high-resolution images) in which the student will take a leading role.

My current and past PhD students

* (2016-........) James Bamber
* (2014-........) Ameerah Al Sadooni
* (2013-........) Steven Goldman
* (2013-........) Kingsley Gale-Sides
* (2010-2015) Benjamin Tatton
* (2010-2014) Masha Lakicevic
* (2009-2013) Amanda Bailey
* (2007-2011) Atefeh Javadi
* (2005-2009) Iain McDonald
* (2002-2006) Jonathan Marshall