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2022/12/31:updated journal references for TOI-122, TOI-130, TOI-201, TOI-220, TOI-237, TOI-251, TOI-257, TOI-263, TOI-269, TOI-270, TOI-421, TOI-431, TOI-451, TOI-481, TOI-892 and TOI-942
2022/12/30:updated journal references for KPS-1, L98-59, LHS 1140, LHS 1478, LHS 1678, LHS 1815, LP 714-47, LP 890-9, LTT 1445, LTT 9779, MASCARA-1, MASCARA-4, NGTS-12, NGTS-15, NGTS-16, NGTS-17, NGTS-18, NGTS-19, NGTS-20, NGTS-23, NGTS-24, NGTS-25 and TOI-5153
2022/12/30:new orbital ephemeris for Kepler-1658 (Vissapragada et al. 2022)
2022/12/30:revised masses for the planets in the Kepler-80 system (Weisserman et al. 2022)
2022/12/30:new orbital ephemeris for HD 271181 (Maxted 2022)
2022/12/30:updated journal references for HATS-54, HD 20329, K2-93, Kepler-107, Kepler-129, Kepler-160, Kepler-167, Kepler-302, Kepler-462, Kepler-538, Kepler-1514, Kepler-1625, Kepler-1627, Kepler-1649, Kepler-1704, Kepler-1928, Kepler-1972 and KOI-4777
2022/12/20:updated journal references for K2-111, K2-138, K2-182, K2-199, K2-222, KELT-16, Kepler-9, Kepler-10, Kepler-13, Kepler-14, Kepler-16, Kepler-19, Kepler-37, Kepler-80, Kepler-82 and Kepler-90
2022/12/19:updated journal references for K2-25, K2-32, K2-36, K2-38, K2-79, K2-99, K2-167, K2-212 and K2-233
2022/12/19:revised properties for the Kepler-138 system (Piaulet et al. 2022)
2022/12/19:added the planet TOI-778 and its obliquity measurement (Clark et al. 2022)
2022/12/18:updated journal references for HD 108236, HD 152843, HD 183579, HD 191939, HD 332231, HIP 65, HIP 67522, HIP 94235, HIP 97166, TOI-157 and TOI-169
2022/12/16:revised properties for TOI-216 (McKee & Montet 2022)
2022/12/15:updated journal references for HD 86226, HD 97658, HD 106315, HD 108236, HD 110082, HD 118203, HD 119130 and HD 136352
2022/12/15:updated journal reference and properties for HD 95338 (Díaz et al. 2020)
2022/12/15:updated journal reference and properties for HAT-P-19 (Baştürk et al. 2020)
2022/12/14:updated journal references for HAT-P-11, HAT-P-25, HAT-P-26, HATS-9, HATS-11, HATS-12, HATS-37, HATS-38, HD 21749, HD 63433 and HD 80653
2022/12/14:orbital obliquity measurement for TOI-2076 b (Frazier et al. 2022)
2022/12/13:updated journal references for EPIC 210768568, EPIC 201170410, EPIC 249631677, GJ 357, GJ 3473, G 9-40, GJ 1252 and GPX-1
2022/12/13:revised properties for EPIC 212036875 and EPIC 219388192 (Carmichael et al. 2019)
2022/12/12:revised orbital ephemeris for Kepler-1704 from erratum (Dalba et al. 2022)
2022/12/12:updated journal references for π Men, AU Mic, DS Tuc, K2-131, K2-141, K2-229, Kepler-33 and Kepler-78
2022/12/10:updated journal references for HD 22946, WASP-148, WASP-166, WASP-178, WASP-184, WASP-185, WASP-190, WASP-192, Wendelstein-1, Wendelstein-2, XO-3, XO-6 and XO-7
2022/12/10:updated journal reference and properties for WASP-180 (Temple et al. 2019)
2022/12/09:updated journal references for WASP-150, WASP-161, WASP-163, WASP-170, WASP-176, WASP-177, WASP-181 and WASP-183
2022/12/09:added the planet TOI-1260d and revised properties for the TOI-1260 system (Lam et al. 2022)
2022/12/09:orbital obliquity measurement for 55 Cnc e (Zhao et al. 2022)
2022/12/08:added the planetary system HD 109833 (TOI-1097) (Wood et al. 2022)
2022/12/07:orbital obliquity measurement and revised properties for Qatar-6 (Rice et al. 2022)
2022/12/06:updated journal references for CoRoT-6, K2-237, KELT-20, KELT-23, OGLE-TR-56, WASP-3, WASP-33, WASP-45, WASP-74, WASP-76, WASP-79, WASP-92, WASP-93, WASP-110, WASP-114, WASP-119, WASP-135, WASP-144, WASP-145, WASP-158, WASP-159, WASP-162, WASP-168, WASP-171, WASP-172, WASP-147, WASP-160, WASP-164, WASP-165 and WASP-174
2022/12/06:final journal reference for six K2 planets (del Ser et al. 2023)
2022/12/05:updated journal references for HAT-P-1, HD 3167, HD 80606, K2-3, Kepler-1643, KOI-7368, KOI-7913, Qatar-1, TOI-5542 and TrES-3
2022/12/02:revised properties for TOI-1288 (Knudstrup et al. 2022)
2022/12/01:Created archive "2022dec" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st December 2022
2022/11/30:updated journal references for K2-287, KELT-6, WASP-2, WASP-8, WASP-20, WASP-29, WASP-38, WASP-47, WASP-70, WASP-74, WASP-86, WASP-88, WASP-93, WASP-100, WASP-106, WASP-113, WASP-120, WASP-123, WASP-128, WASP-131, WASP-136 and WASP-140
2022/11/29:updated journal references for HD 114082, TOI-674, TOI-1728, TOI-1899, TOI-2179, TOI-3757, V1298 Tau, WASP-15, WASP-31, WASP-32, WASP-67, WASP-75 and WASP-83
2022/11/28:updated journal references for TOI-216, TOI-270, TOI-503, TOI-564, TOI-569, TOI-677, TOI-700, TOI-813, TOI-905, TOI-1130, TOI-1266, TOI-1338 and TOI-1406
2022/11/25:updated journal reference and properties for NGTS-6 (Vines et al. 2019)
2022/11/25:updated journal references for NGTS-8, NGTS-9, NGTS-10, Qatar-7, TOI-125, TOI-132, TOI-150 and TOI-172
2022/11/24:updated journal references for Kepler-730, Kepler-1656, Kepler-1657, Kepler-1658, Kepler-1659, Kepler-1665, LHS 3844, LP 791-18, LTT 3780, NGTS-2, NGTS-3, NGTS-4 and NGTS-5
2022/11/23:updated journal references for Kepler-25, Kepler-65, Kepler-86, Kepler-103, Kepler-107, Kepler-278, Kepler-391 and Kepler-408
2022/11/23:updated transit duration for HD 114082 (Engler et al. 2022)
2022/11/23:added the planetary system TOI-824 (Burt et al. 2020)
2022/11/22:updated journal references for KELT-9, KELT-23, KELT-24, KELT-25, Kepler-46, Kepler-47, Kepler-51 and Kepler-62
2022/11/21:updated journal reference and properties for K2-295 (Smith et al. 2019)
2022/11/21:updated journal reference and properties for K2-291 (Kosiarek et al. 2019)
2022/11/21:updated journal references for DS Tuc, K2-285, K2-293, K2-294, K2-308, K2-314, K2-329 and TOI-954
2022/11/20:updated journal reference and properties for K2-267 (Yu et al. 2018)
2022/11/20:updated journal reference and properties for K2-264 (Rodriguez et al. 2018)
2022/11/20:updated journal references for K2-260, K2-261, K2-263, K2-264, K2-265, K2-280, KELT-21 and TOI-3884
2022/11/18:updated journal reference and properties for K2-234 (Yu et al. 2018)
2022/11/18:updated journal reference and properties for K2-216 (Persson et al. 2018)
2022/11/18:updated journal references for K2-133, K2-138, K2-146, K2-155, K2-236, K2-237 and K2-286
2022/11/17:added the planetary systems TOI-277 and TOI-1288 (Magliano et al. 2022)
2022/11/17:updated journal references for HD 219666, HD 221416, HD 271181, HR 858, K2-18, K2-19, K2-24, K2-25, K2-28, K2-36, K2-55, K2-93 and K2-100
2022/11/16:updated journal reference and properties for HD 202272 (Wang et al. 2019)
2022/11/16:updated journal references for HD 1397, HD 2685, HD 15337, HD 213885, HIP-65, TOI-125, TOI-157, TOI-169, WASP-169, WASP-171, WASP-175 and WASP-182
2022/11/16:added the planetary system HD 114082 (Zakhozhay et al. 2022)
2022/11/16:added the planetary system TOI-181 (Mistry et al. 2022)
2022/11/15:updated journal references for CoRoTs -5 -8 -12 -18, GJ 9827, HAT-P-58 to -70, and HATS-54 to -71
2022/11/15:revised properties for TOI-1695 (Cherubim et al. 2022)
2022/11/15:final journal reference for the discovery of NGTS-21 (Alves et al. 2022)
2022/11/14:updated journal references for HAT-P-2, HATS-36, K2-56, K2-114, K2-115, Kepler-80g, Kepler-90i, NGTS-1, WASP-28 and WASP-151
2022/11/14:added the planetary system TOI-1695 (Kiefer et al. 2022)
2022/11/11:revised properties for Kepler-102 (Brinkman et al. 2022)
2022/11/11:added the planetary system HD 20329 (Murgas et al. 2022)
2022/11/11:revised properties for HATS-54 (Jackson et al. 2022)
2022/11/11:added NGTS-23, NGTS-24 and NGTS-25 (Jackson et al. 2022)
2022/11/11:revised orbital ephemerides for KELT-9 and HD 97658 (Harre et al. 2022)
2022/11/10:added 20 new planetary systems from TESS (Yee et al. 2022)
2022/11/04:new time of mid-transit for HAT-P-14 (Espinoza et al. 2022)
2022/11/03:revised properties for the Kepler-33 system (Sikora et al. 2022)
2022/11/03:revised properties for the HD 191939 planets (Orell-Miquel et al. 2022)
2022/11/03:added the planetary system TOI-4582 (Grunblatt et al. 2022)
2022/11/03:added the planetary system TOI-1075 (Essick et al. 2022)
2022/11/03:added six new planetary systems from K2 (del Ser et al. 2022)
2022/11/02:orbital obliquity measurement for K2-93d (Grouffal et al. 2022)
2022/11/01:Created archive "2022nov" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st November 2022
2022/10/31:revised orbital ephemerides for WASP-18 and WASP-19 (Rosário et al. 2022)
2022/10/26:added the brown dwarf system TOI-2336 (Lin et al. 2022)
2022/10/23:added the planetary system TOI-3884 (Almenara et al. 2022)
2022/10/20:added the planetary system TOI-969 (Lillo-Box et al. 2022)
2022/10/19:revised properties and a fifth planet in the HD 108236 system (Hoyer et al. 2022)
2022/10/18:revised mass for K2-18b (Radika et al. 2022)
2022/10/17:added the planetary system TOI-179 (Desidera et al. 2022)
2022/10/14:revised masses for the planets orbiting TOI-561 (Brinkman et al. 2022)
2022/10/13:revised properties for TOI-1807b (Peng et al. 2022)
2022/10/12:added the planetary system NGTS-21 (Alves et al. 2022)
2022/10/11:added the planetary system TOI-5542 (Grieves et al. 2022)
2022/10/10:added the planetary system TOI-2000 (Sha et al. 2022)
2022/10/07:revised properties and final journal reference for NGTS-11 (Gill et al. 2020)
2022/10/03:revised temperatures (and in some cases metallicities) for HATS-70, KELT-25, KELT-9, KELT-20, MASCARA-4 and KELT-19 (Saffe et al. 2022)
2022/10/01:Created archive "2022oct" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st October 2022
2022/09/29:added the planetary system TOI-1221 (Mann et al. 2022)
2022/09/28:added the planetary system HD 23472 (Barros et al. 2022)
2022/09/24:added the planetary system TOI-5205 (Kanodia et al. 2022)
2022/09/24:revised (linear) orbital ephemerides for HAT-P-19, HAT-P-32, TrES-1, TrES-2, TrES-5, WASP-10, WASP-12 and WASP-43 (Hagey et al. 2022)
2022/09/23:revised orbital ephemerides for KELT-1 and WASP-18 (Maciejwski et al. 2022)
2022/09/21:added the planetary system HD 22946 (Cacciapuoti et al. 2022)
2022/09/16:revised properties for HD 3167 (Bourrier et al. 2022)
2022/09/15:mass measurements for the Kepler-444 planets (Stalport et al. 2022)
2022/09/13:revised properties for WASP-43 (Scandariato et al. 2022)
2022/09/09:revised orbital ephemerides for TrES-3 and Qatar-1 (Mannaday et al. 2022)
2022/09/08:added the planetary system LP 890-9 (Delrez et al. 2022)
2022/09/07:revised orbital ephemeris for HATS-5 (Allen et al. 2022)
2022/09/06:revised properties and obliquity angle for KELT-11 (Mounzer et al. 2022)
2022/09/05:revised properties and ephemeris for HD 80606 (Pearson et al. 2022)
2022/09/02:revised properties for MASCARA-4 (Zhang et al. 2022)
2022/09/01:Created archive "2022sep" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st September 2022
2022/08/31:added the planetary system TOI-4562 (Heitzmann et al. 2022)
2022/08/30:updated the links.html page to remove broken links and add more resources
2022/08/30:added the planetary system TOI-1468 (Chaturvedi et al. 2022)
2022/08/29:revised properties for GJ 1252 (Crossfield et al. 2022)
2022/08/18:revised properties for K2-106 (Rodríguez-Martínez et al. 2022)
2022/08/17:added the planetary system TOI-836 (Hawthorn et al. 2022)
2022/08/16:revised properties for G 9-40 (Luque et al. 2022)
2022/08/15:added the planetary system HD 56414 (Giacalone et al. 2022)
2022/08/15:added the planetary system TOI-1452 (Cadieux et al. 2022)
2022/08/12:added the planetary system TOI-2196 (Persson et al. 2022)
2022/08/10:updated orbital period for KELT-9 (Jones et al. 2022)
2022/08/09:revised properties for Kepler-289 (Greklek-McKeon et al. 2022)
2022/08/08:added the planetary system GJ 3090 (Almenara et al. 2022)
2022/08/05:added the planetary system HD 93963 (Serrano et al. 2022)
2022/08/04:revised properties for K2-3 (Diamond-Lowe et al. 2022)
2022/08/03:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-1 (Chen et al. 2022)
2022/08/02:revised properties for GJ 3929 (Beard et al. 2022)
2022/08/01:Created archive "2022aug" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st August 2022
2022/07/28:revised ephemeris and orbital obliquity for WASP-166 (Doyle et al. 2022)
2022/07/27:revised properties for Kepler-57, Kepler-58, Kepler-60, Kepler-85, Kepler-128, Kepler-176, Kepler-305 and Kepler-345 (Leleu et al. 2022)
2022/07/26:revised properties for Kepler-23, Kepler-24, Kepler-26, Kepler-28, Kepler-49, Kepler-52 and Kepler-54 (Leleu et al. 2022)
2022/07/25:added CoRoT-34, CoRoT-35 and CoRoT-36 (Sebastian et al. 2022)
2022/07/15:revised properties and orbital ephemeris for HATS-18 (Southworth et al. 2022)
2022/07/14:orbital obliquity measurement for TOI-1478 (Rice et al. 2022)
2022/07/14:added the planetary systems TOI-628, TOI-640, TOI-1333, TOI-1478 and TOI-1601 (Rodriguez et al. 2021)
2022/07/13:added the planetary systems NGTS-20 and TOI-5153 (Ulmer-Moll et al. 2022)
2022/07/13:added the planetary system TOI-1422 (Naponiello et al. 2022)
2022/07/13:added the planetary system TOI-1272 (MacDougall et al. 2022)
2022/07/13:revised mass for CoRoT-7b (John et al. 2022)
2022/07/13:added the white dwarf + brown dwarf system ZTF J2038+2030 (Van Roestel et al. 2021)
2022/07/01:Created archive "2022jul" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st July 2022
2022/06/27:revised properties for KELT-7 (Tabernero et al. 2022)
2022/06/25:added the planetary systems TOI-2081 and TOI-4479 (Esparza-Borges et al. 2022)
2022/06/24:revised properties for GJ 486 (Caballero et al. 2022)
2022/06/21:added the planetary system Kepler-1928 (Barber et al. 2022)
2022/06/20:added the planetary system TOI-2048 (Newton et al. 2022)
2022/06/09:revised planetary parameters for TOI-1807 (Nardiello et al. 2022)
2022/06/06:revised temperature and metallicity for Qatar-1A and WASP-43A (Biazzo et al. 2022)
2022/06/03:added TOI-629, TOI-1107, TOI-1982 and TOI-2543 (Psaridi et al. 2022)
2022/06/02:updated orbital ephemeris for WASP-96 (Nikolov et al. 2022)
2022/06/01:Created archive "2022jun" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st June 2022
2022/05/25:updated orbital ephemeris for WASP-80 (Wong et al. 2022)
2022/05/24:orbital obliquities and revised physical properties for HAT-P-15, HAT-P-17, HAT-P-21, HAT-P-26 and HAT-P-29 (Mancini et al. 2022)
2022/05/23:added Gaia-1 and Gaia-2: the first planets from the Gaia satellite (Panahi et al. 2022)
2022/04/23:revised physical properties for K2-139 (Smith & Czismadia 2022)
2022/05/20:added ten new transiting hot Jupiters from TESS (Yee et al. 2022)
2022/05/19:added the planetary system HD 28109 (Dransfield et al. 2022)
2022/05/17:added the planetary systems TOI-1811, TOI-2145, TOI-2152, TOI-2154 and TOI-2497 (Rodriguez et al. 2022)
2022/05/06:added the planet WASP-132c (Hord et al. 2022)
2022/05/05:added the planetary systems TOI-1181, TOI-1516 and TOI-2046 (Kabáath et al. 2022)
2022/05/04:added the planetary systems KOI-7368 and KOI-7913 (Bouma et al. 2022)
2022/05/03:added the planetary systems TOI-1870, TOI-2025 and TOI-2158 (Knudstrup et al. 2022)
2022/05/02:added the planet TOI-500b (Serrano et al. 2022)
2022/05/01:Created archive "2022may" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st May 2022
2022/04/28:added the planetary system HIP 94235 (Zhou et al. 2022)
2022/04/27:added the planetary system TOI-1246 (Turtelboom et al. 2022)
2022/04/26:improved planet radii and orbital ephemerides for KELT-17, KELT-19 and KELT-21 (Garai et al. 2022)
2022/04/25:improved mass upper limit for TOI-1696b (Beard et al. 2022)
2022/04/20:added the planetary system TOI-1710 (König et al. 2022)
2022/04/19:revised physical properties for WASP-148 (Almenara et al. 2022)
2022/04/18:revised physical properties for Kepler-560, Kepler-1319, Kepler-1650 and Kepler-1651 (Mann et al. 2017)
2022/04/08:revised planet radius for HAT-P-30 (called WASP-51 in this paper) (Blažek et al. 2022)
2022/04/08:added the planetary system TOI-620 (Reefe et al. 2022)
2022/04/07:added K2-355, K2-356, K2-357 and K2-358 (Castro-González et al. 2022)
2022/04/06:added 52 validated K2 planets from Livingston et al. (2018b)
2022/04/05:added 44 validated K2 planets from Livingston et al. (2018a)
2022/04/04:revised properties for Kepler-1656b (Angelo et al. 2022)
2022/04/01:Created archive "2022apr" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st April 2022
2022/03/28:Niraula et al. (2022) showed that Kepler-699b, Kepler-747b, Kepler-840b and Kepler-854b are not planets. Kepler-747b has been removed from TEPCat. The remaining three objects were already not included because their radii were larger than 0.5 Rjup and their masses were not measured.
2022/03/25:A large number of Kepler planets have been finally added from Morton et al. (2016). using tables 5 and 6 of that paper plus a table of KOI properties from MAST all cross-matched via KOI number. Note that objects with radius of 0.5 Rjup or more and no mass measurment are taken to be planet candidates, not confirmed planets, so are not included.
2022/03/21:renamed TIC 257060897 to TOI-4138
2022/03/21:renamed TIC 237913194 to TOI-2179
2022/03/21:renamed KOI-3680 to Kepler-1657
2022/03/21:renamed KOI-1843 to Kepler-974
2022/03/21:renamed KOI-1599 to Kepler-1659
2022/03/21:renamed KOI-205 to Kepler-492
2022/03/19:another obliquity measurement for WASP-33 (Kálmán et al. 2022)
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 249801827 to K2-240
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 249893012 to K2-314
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 248545986 to K2-239
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 248435473 to K2-266
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246911830 to K2-260
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246865365 to K2-308
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246851721 to K2-267
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246471491 to K2-285
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246193072 to K2-329
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 246067459 to K2-238
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 220501947 to K2-295
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 212737443 to K2-310
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211964830 to K2-264
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211945201 to K2-236
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211916756 to K2-95
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211682544 to K2-263
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211442297 to K2-115
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 211418729 to K2-114
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 210363145 to K2-77
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 201498078 to K2-261
2022/03/18:renamed EPIC 201295312 to K2-44
2022/03/17:added the planetary system TOI-3757 (Kanodia et al. 2022)
2022/03/16:new obliquity measurement for GJ 436 (Bourrier et al. 2022)
2022/03/11:added the planetary system TOI-1670 (Tran et al. 2022)
2022/03/10:added the planets TOI-2076c and TOI-2076d as their orbital periods are now known (Osborn et al. 2022)
2022/03/10:added the planetary system TOI-1696 (Mori et al. 2022)
2022/03/09:All spaces in csv files have been removed, because they were making it more difficult for users to work with the data in spreadsheets. Those users needing a data file with a fixed format can use the ascii files instead.
2022/03/08:new orbital obliquity study for KELT-9 (Stephan et al. 2022). As with WASP-33 (2022/03/07) the nodal precession means that the value of λ is a snapshot of the situation.
2022/03/08:updated orbital period for WASP-17 (Alderson et al. 2022)
2022/03/07:new orbital obliquity study for WASP-33 (Watanabe et al. 2022). A representative value for λ has been chosen in order to include this in the archive, but users should be aware that the rate of change of λ with time is now well-measured so any snapshot values are an incomplete representation of the current properties of the system.
2022/03/06:Updated the plot of the planet discovery rate to use the new information about which data were used to detect each transiting planet (see 2022/03/03 below).
2022/03/04:revised masses for AU Mic b and c (Zicher et al. 2022)
2022/03/03:revised physical properties for π Men c (Hatzes et al. 2022)
2022/03/03:Added a new quantity for each transiting planet giving the data it was identified using (e.g. TESS, Kepler, WASP, HAT etc). This is now included in the individual page for each planet. The table of the number of planets has been modified to include all values of this quantity.
2022/03/02:updated orbital ephemerides for K2-141b and K2-141c (Zieba et al. 2022)
2022/03/02:updated orbital ephemerides for ten HAT and WASP planets (Baştürk et al. 2022)
2022/03/01:Created archive "2022mar" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st March 2022
2022/02/28:revised physical properties for the WASP-47 planets (Bryant & Bayliss 2022)
2022/02/26:updated orbital ephemerides for HD 2685, Qatar-10, WASP-48, WASP-58, WASP-91, WASP-120, WASP-121, WASP-122, WASP-140, XO-6 and XO-7 (Maciejewski 2022)
2022/02/26:updated orbital ephemerides and transit durations for AU Mic b & c (Szabó et al. 2022)
2022/02/25:A new table has been added: allinfo-ascii.txt and allinfo-csv.csv are files containing all the results for all the systems in TEPCat. These are big files that are intended for automated download and use, so HTML versions have not been constructed. Links to the files are on the main TEPCat page. Note that the right ascension and declination have been given as decimal degrees to make it easier for computer codes to handle them. Decimal RA and Dec have also been added to all the individual planet webpages.
2022/02/25:updated planetary radii for TOI-1807b and TOI-2076b due to erratum (Hedges et al. 2021)
2022/02/25:final journal reference for the discovery paper of TOI-1807 and TOI-2076 (Hedges et al. 2021)
2022/02/23:revised properties for TOI-2136 (Kawauchi et al. 2022)
2022/02/22:added the planetary system TOI-2136 (Gan et al. 2022)
2022/02/21:revised physical properties for the XO-3 system (Worku et al. 2022)
2022/02/16:revised orbital obliquity value for KELT-24/MASCARA-3 (Hjorth et al. 2019)
2022/02/11:updated orbital ephemerides for GJ 436, HD 97658, HD 106315 and GJ 1132 (Maxted et al. 2022)
2022/02/10:added the planetary system TOI-1759 (Espinoza et al. 2022)
2022/02/09:added the planetary system GJ 3929 (Kemmer et al. 2022)
2022/02/08:added a mass measurement for TOI-1268b (Šubjak et al. 2022)
2022/02/07:added the planetary systems TOI-1442 and TOI-2445 (Morello et al. 2022)
2022/02/04:added the planetary system TOI-1268 and its obliquity measurement (Dong et al. 2022)
2022/02/03:added the planetary system Kepler-1972 (Leleu et al. 2022)
2022/02/02:added the planetary systems TOI-3629 and TOI-3714 (Cañas et al. 2022)
2022/02/01:Created archive "2022feb" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st February 2022
2022/01/31:revised physical properties for the TOI-561 system (Lacedelli et al. 2022)
2022/01/28:another orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-127 (Cristo et al. 2022)
2022/01/27:revised physical properties and orbital obliquity for WASP-189 (Deline et al. 2022)
2022/01/26:revised orbital ephemeris for TOI-674 (Brande et al. 2022)
2022/01/25:revised orbital ephemeris for KELT-9 (Pai Asnodkar et al. 2022)
2022/01/24:added the planetary system TOI-2180 (HD 238894) (Dalba et al. 2022)
2022/01/22:added the planetary systems TOI-2337, TOI-2669 and TOI-4329 (Grunblatt et al. 2022)
2022/01/22:added the planetary system TOI-1064 (Wilson et al. 2022)
2022/01/21:revised time of mid-transit for K2-93f (HIP 41378f) (Alam et al. 2022)
2022/01/20:revised properties for WASP-93, WASP-113, WASP-120, WASP-123, WASP-136 and WASP-140 (Alexoudi et al. 2022)
2022/01/19:added the planetary system Kepler-1627 (Bouma et al. 2021)
2022/01/18:revised orbital ephemerides for CoRoT-4, CoRoT-13 and CoRoT-20 (Klagyivik et al. 2021)
2022/01/17:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-37 (A-thano et al. 2021)
2022/01/14:added the brown-dwarf system TOI-2119 (Cañas et al. 2021)
2022/01/14:added the planetary system KOI-4777 (Cañas et al. 2021)
2022/01/13:added a new orbital obliquity measurement for HAT-P-70 (Bello-Arufe et al. 2021)
2022/01/12:added the planetary systems HATS-74, HATS-75, HATS-76 and HATS-77 (Jordán et al. 2021)
2022/01/11:added the planetary system GJ 367 (TOI-731) (Lam et al. 2021)
2022/01/10:revised properties and name for WASP-86 / KELT-12 (Southworth & Faedi 2021)
2022/01/07:revised properties for Kepler-167 (Chachan et al. 2021)
2022/01/06:added the planetary system TOI-1842 (Wittenmyer et al. 2021)
2022/01/05:orbital obliquity measurement for HD 332231 (Knudstrup & Albrecht 2021)
2022/01/04:Happy new year everyone! Created archive "2022jan" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st January 2022


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