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2020/12/16:revised orbital ephemeris for Qatar-1 (Su et al. 2020)
2020/12/15:added the Kepler-1514 system (Dalba et al. 2020)
2020/12/14:revised orbital ephemeris for 55 Cnc e (Zhang et al. 2020)
2020/12/13:tighter mass upper limits for TOI-942b and TOI-942c (Carleo et al. 2020)
2020/12/12:revised properties for WASP-107 (Piaulet et al. 2020)
2020/12/11:mass measurement for AU Mic b (Klein et al. 2020)
2020/12/10:added the systems TOI-251 and TOI-942 (Zhou et al. 2020)
2020/12/08:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-12 (Turner et al. 2020)
2020/12/04:added the system TOI-519 (Parviainen et al. 2020)
2020/12/03:revised orbital ephemeris for LHS 1140b (Edwards et al. 2020)
2020/12/02:revised masses for Kepler-90g and Kepler-90h (Liang et al. 2020)
2020/12/01:Created archive "2020dec" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st December 2020
2020/11/30:revised properties for WASP-104 (Chen et al. 2020)
2020/11/29:added the planetary system LP 714-47 (Dreizler et al. 2020)
2020/11/28:revised properties and orbital obliquity for WASP-121 (Borsa et al. 2020)
2020/11/27:added the planetary system HAT-P-68 (Lindor et al. 2020)
2020/11/26:added TOI-122 and TOI-237 (Waalkes et al. 2020)
2020/11/25:added EPIC 246193072 and TOI-954 (Sha et al. 2020)
2020/11/23:new orbital obliquity measurement for HD 209458 (Santos et al. 2020)
2020/11/22:orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-127 (Allart et al. 2020)
2020/11/21:revised orbital ephemeris for LTT 9779 (Crossfield et al. 2020)
2020/11/20:revised physical properties for LHS 1140 (Lillo-Box et al. 2020)
2020/11/19:added the planetary system TIC 237913194 (Schlecker et al. 2020)
2020/11/18:new orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-33 (Cauley et al. 2020)
2020/11/17:revised physical properties for K2-111 (Mortier et al. 2020)
2020/11/12:revised orbital ephemeris for KELT-11 (Changeat et al. 2020)
2020/11/11:added the planetary system TOI-540 (Ment et al. 2020)
2020/11/10:added the transiting brown dwarf systems TOI-811 and TOI-852 (Carmichael et al. 2020)
2020/11/01:Created archive "2020nov" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st November 2020
2020/10/28:revised properties for WASP-127 (Seidel et al. 2020)
2020/10/27:added the planetary system LTT 9779 (Jenkins et al. 2020)
2020/10/26:added the transiting brown dwarf system GPX-1 (Benni et al. 2020)
2020/10/23:added the planetary system NGTS-12 (Bryant et al. 2020)
2020/10/22:added the planetary system GJ 3474 (TOI-488) (Kemmer et al. 2020)
2020/10/05:added the planetary systems EPIC 201170410 and EPIC 201757695 (del Ser & Fors 2020)
2020/10/01:Created archive "2020oct" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st October 2020
2020/09/30:improved properties for WASP-189 (Lendl et al. 2020)
2020/09/29:added the planetary systems TOI-481 and TOI-892 (Brahm et al. 2020)
2020/09/28:added the planetary system TOI-776 (Luque et al. 2020)
2020/09/27:improved properties for Kepler-462 (Masuda & Tamayo 2020)
2020/09/25:improved properties for XO-6 (Ridden-Harper et al. 2020)
2020/09/24:added the planetary system TOI-837 (Bouma et al. 2020)
2020/09/22:improved properties for HD 106315 (Kosiarak et al. 2020)
2020/09/19:improved properties for GJ 9827 (Kosiarak et al. 2020)
2020/09/18:improved ephemerides for TOI-561 b, c and d (Weiss et al. 2020)
2020/09/18:added the planetary system TOI-561 (Lacedelli et al. 2020)
2020/09/17:added the planetary system TOI-763 (Fridlund et al. 2020)
2020/09/16:obliquity measurement for HD 63433c (Dai et al. 2020)
2020/09/01:Created archive "2020sep" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st September 2020
2020/08/31:added the planetary system TOI-824 (Burt et al. 2020)
2020/08/12:added the planetary system HD 136352 (Kane et al. 2020)
2020/08/11:added the planetary system K2-280 (Nowak et al. 2020)
2020/08/10:added the planetary system TOI-1899 (Cañas et al. 2020)
2020/08/07:revised properties for π Men (Damasso et al. 2020)
2020/08/01:Created archive "2020aug" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st August 2020
2020/07/31:added the planetary system HD 86226 (Teske et al. 2020)
2020/07/30:obliquity measurement and revised properties for the K2-25 system (Stefansson et al. 2020)
2020/07/29:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-32 (Fowler et al. 2020)
2020/07/28:added an obliquity measurement for WASP-21 (Chen et al. 2020)
2020/07/26:added the planetary systems HATS-37 and HATS-38 (Jordán et al. 2020)
2020/07/25:added an obliquity measurement for K2-25 (Gaidos et al. 2020)
2020/07/24:added an obliquity measurement for WASP-74 (Luque et al. 2020)
2020/07/23:updated properties and obliquity measurement for π Men (Hozdic et al. 2020)
2020/07/17:added the planetary systems HAT-P-58, HAT-P-59, HAT-P-60, HAT-P-61, HAT-P-62, HAT-P-63 and HAT-P-64 (Bakos et al. 2020)
2020/07/16:revised properties for the K2-38 system (Toledo-Padrón et al. 2020)
2020/07/15:revised properties for the TRAPPIST-1 system (Ducrot et al. 2020)
2020/07/09:added the planetary system TOI-1728 (Kanodia et al. 2020)
2020/07/07:fourth obliquity measurement for AU Mic (Addison et al. 2020)
2020/07/06:third obliquity measurement for AU Mic (Palle et al. 2020)
2020/07/05:second obliquity measurement for AU Mic (Martioli et al. 2020)
2020/07/04:obliquity measurement for AU Mic (Hirano et al. 2020)
2020/07/03:added the planetary system AU Mic (Plavchan et al. 2020)
2020/07/02:added the planetary system TOI-1266 (Stefansson et al. 2020)
2020/07/01:Created archive "2020jul" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st July 2020
2020/06/30:revised orbital ephemeris for KELT-1 (Beatty et al. 2020)
2020/06/29:added the planetary system EPIC 249631677 (Niraula et al. 2020)
2020/06/28:new orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-117 (Carone et al. 2020)
2020/06/27:revised physical properties for Kepler-160b and Kepler-160c (Heller et al. 2020)
2020/06/26:revised physical properties for K2-32 and K2-233 (Lillo-Box et al. 2020)
2020/06/18:revised orbital ephemeris for TrES-3 (Mannaday et al. 2020)
2020/06/01:Created archive "2020jun" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st June 2020
2020/05/31:added the planetary systems Wendelstein-1 and Wendelstein-2 (Obermeier et al. 2020)
2020/05/30:added the planetary systems CoRoT-30 and CoRoT-31 (Bordé et al. 2020)
2020/05/21:revised physical properties and an orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-76 (Ehrenreich et al. 2020)
2020/05/14:revised orbital ephemeris for KELT-11 (Colón et al. 2020)
2020/05/13:revised orbital ephemerides for CoRoT-6, K2-237, KELT-15, KPS-1, WASP-45, WASP-83, WASP-119 and WASP-122 (Edwards et al. 2020)
2020/05/10:added the planetary system HD 63433 (Mann et al. 2020)
2020/05/09:added the planetary system HIP 67522 (Rizzuto et al. 2020)
2020/05/08:added the planetary system NGTS-11 (Gill et al. 2020)
2020/05/07:added the planetary system WASP-148 (Hébrard et al. 2020)
2020/05/01:Created archive "2020may" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st May 2020
2020/04/30:new orbital obliquity measurement for KELT-9 (Wyttenbach et al. 2020)
2020/04/29:revised stellar properties for GJ 3470 (Palle et al. 2020)
2020/04/28:added the planetary system HD 108236 (Daylan et al. 2020)
2020/04/25:new orbital ephemeris zeropoint for WASP-33 (von Essen et al. 2020)
2020/04/24:added the planetary system TOI-421 (Carleo et al. 2020)
2020/04/23:another orbital obliquity measurement for KELT-20 = MASCARA-2 (Hoejimakers et al. 2020)
2020/04/22:added the circumbinary planetary system TOI-1338 (Kostov et al. 2020)
2020/04/21:Circumbinary planets are now explicitly labelled as type "CBP"
2020/04/20:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-166 (Bryant et al. 2020)
2020/04/19:added the planet Kepler-1649c and revised properties for Kepler-1649b (Vanderburg et al. 2020)
2020/04/18:added the planetary systems WASP-150 and WASP-176 (Cooke et al. 2020)
2020/04/17:added the planetary system TOI-1235 (Bluhm et al. 2020)
2020/04/15:revised physical properties for HD 97658 (Guo et al. 2020)
2020/04/06:improved eccentricity constraint for K2-100b (Gaidos et al. 2020)
2020/04/06:added the planetary system TOI-1130 (Huang et al. 2020)
2020/04/06:added the planetary system HD 332231 (Dalba et al. 2020)
2020/04/02:added the planetary system HD 95338 (Díaz et al. 2020)
2020/04/01:Created archive "2020apr" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st April 2020
2020/03/31:added the planetary system TOI-849 (Armstrong et al. 2020)
2020/03/31:added the planetary systems HIP 65, TOI-157 and TOI-169 (Nielsen et al. 2020)
2020/03/30:added the planetary system LHS 1815 (Gan et al. 2020)
2020/03/30:new orbital obliquity measurements for WASP-33 (Watanabe et al. 2020)
2020/03/06:added the planetary system LTT 3780 (Cloutier et al. 2020 and Nowak et al. 2020)
2020/03/03:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-41 (Wakeford et al. 2020)
2020/03/01:Created archive "2020mar" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st March 2020
2020/02/29:revised physical properties for Kepler-45 (Zaleski et al. 2020)
2020/02/28:obliquity measurement for WASP-52 (Chen et al. 2020)
2020/02/27:obliquity measurements for TRAPPIST-1b, TRAPPIST-1e and TRAPPIST-1f (Hirano et al. 2020)
2020/02/17:added the planetary systems HATS-47, HATS-48, HATS-49 and HATS-72 (Hartman et al. 2020)
2020/02/12:added the planetary system HD 191939 (Badenes-Agusti et al. 2020)
2020/02/10:revised orbital ephemerides for KELT-16, HAT-P-23, HATS-18, OGLE-TR-56, WASP-12, WASP-18, WASP-19, WASP-43, WASP-72, WASP-103 and WASP-114 (Patra et al. 2020)
2020/02/08:added the transiting brown dwarf systems TOI-569 and TOI-1406 (Carmichael et al. 2020)
2020/02/07:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-128 (Smith et al. 2020)
2020/02/06:added the planetary system EPIC 2498930128 (Hidalgo et al. 2020)
2020/02/03:revised orbital ephemerides for WASP-18, WASP-19 and WASP-77 (Cortés-Zuleta et al. 2020)
2020/02/02:added Kepler-1625 now that its mass has (finally) been shown to be in the planetary regime (Timmerman et al. 2020)
2020/02/01:Created archive "2020feb" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st February 2020
2020/01/30:revised physical properties for WASP-100 (Jansen & Kipping 2020)
2020/01/29:added the planetary system L 168-9 (Astudillo-Defru et al. 2020)
2020/01/28:mass measurements for the planets in the TOI-125 system (Nielsen et al. 2020)
2020/01/24:revised physical properties for WASP-2, WASP-8, WASP-20, WASP-70, WASP-76 and WASP-131 (Southworth et al. 2020)
2020/01/23:revised obliquity and orbital period for WASP-121 (Socia et al. 2020)
2020/01/22:added the planetary system TOI-257 (Addison et al. 2020)
2020/01/19:added the planetary system Kepler-1661 (Socia et al. 2020)
2020/01/14:added the planetary system HD 80653 (Frustagli et al. 2020)
2020/01/08:added the planetary system TOI-700 (Gilbert et al. 2020 and Rodriguez et al. 2020)


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