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2019/12/31:Happy new year everyone! Created archive "2020jan as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st January 2020
2019/12/31:revised orbital ephemeris for GJ 1214 (Mallonn et al. 2019)
2019/12/30:new results for Kepler-278 and Kepler-391, which have also been moved to the "well-studied" category (Jofré et al. 2019)
2019/12/29:added the planetary systems TOI-564 and TOI-905 (Davis et al. 2019)
2019/12/16:added the planetary system GJ 1252 (Shporer et al. 2019)
2019/12/12:orbital obliquity measurement for DS Tuc (Zhou et al. 2019)
2019/12/09:added the planetary system XO-7 (Crouzet et al. 2019)
2019/12/04:Note that KELT-26 (announced by Rodríguez Martínez et al. 2019) is actually an independent discovery of WASP-178. As WASP-178 was announced first (Hellier et al. 2019) this discovery takes precedence and thus KELT-26 has not been added to TEPCat.
2019/12/04:added the planetary system KELT-25 (Rodríguez Martínez et al. 2019)
2019/12/04:upper limit for orbital eccentricity in WASP-12 (Maciejewski et al. 2019)
2019/12/03:added the planetary system G 9-40 (Stefansson et al. 2019)
2019/12/01:Created archive "2019dec" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st December 2019
2019/11/27:revised ephemeris for Kepler-13 (Szabó et al. 2019)
2019/11/24:revised ephemeris for WASP-12 (Yee et al. 2019)
2019/11/22:revised ephemerides for WASP-69, KELT-3 and GJ-1214 (Baştürk et al. 2019)
2019/11/21:revised properties for HAT-P-19 (Baştürk et al. 2019)
2019/11/19:revised properties for K2-93 (Santerne et al. 2019)
2019/11/18:revised ephemeris for XO-6 (Garai et al. 2019)
2019/11/17:revised properties for K2-25 (Thao et al. 2019)
2019/11/15:added the planetary system TOI-677 (Jordán et al. 2019)
2019/11/14:added the planetary system HD 118203 (Pepper et al. 2019)
2019/11/13:projected and true spin-orbit angles for MASCARA-4 (Ahlers et al. 2019)
2019/11/12:added the planetary systems NGTS-8 and NGTS-9 (Costes et al. 2019)
2019/11/09:added the planetary system TOI-132 (Díaz et al. 2019)
2019/11/07:revised ephemeris for WASP-79 (Sotzen et al. 2019)
2019/11/05:revised properties for K2-19 (Petigura et al. 2019)
2019/11/04:revised properties for Kepler-51 (Libby-Roberts et al. 2019)
2019/11/01:Created archive "2019nov" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st November 2019
2019/10/29:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-19 (Petrucci et al. 2019)
2019/10/21:added V1298 Tau b and V1298 Tau c (David et al. 2019)
2019/10/17:revised orbital ephemeris for HD 219666 (Hellier et al. 2019)
2019/10/14:revised properties for Kepler-103 (Dubber et al. 2019)
2019/10/11:added Kepler-86 (PH-2) now that its mass has been confirmed to be planetary (Dubber et al. 2019)
2019/10/10:revised properties for K2-138 (Lopez et al. 2019)
2019/10/03:Created archive "2019oct" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st October 2019
2019/09/30:added the planetary system NGTS-10 (McCormac et al. 2019)
2019/09/20:added the planetary system TOI-813 (Eisner et al. 2019)
2019/09/20:revised properties for WASP-174 (Mancini et al. 2019)
2019/09/19:added the transiting brown dwarf TOI-503 (Subjak et al. 2019)
2019/09/17:mass determination for K2-100b (Barragán et al. 2019)
2019/09/11:revised ephemeris for K2-18 (Benneke et al. 2019)
2019/09/09:revised ephemeris for WASP-121 (Bourrier et al. 2019)
2019/09/05:revised properties for GJ 357 (Jenkins et al. 2019) (note that Jenkins et al have mislabelled the planets in their work)
2019/09/04:Created archive "2019sep" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st September 2019
2019/08/26:revised properties for Kepler-538 (Mayo et al. 2019)
2018/08/25:renamed EPIC 247418783 to K2-291
2018/08/25:renamed EPIC 228732031 to K2-131
2018/08/25:renamed K2-135 to GJ 9827
2019/08/25:revised properties for 55 Cnc, CoRoT-7, HD 3167, K2-106, K2-131, K2-141, K2-229, K2-291 and Kepler-78 (Dai et al. 2019)
2019/08/02:improved orbital eccentricity measurement for HAT-P-17 (Wallack et al. 2019)
2019/08/01:Created archive "2019aug" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st August 2019
2019/07/31:revised properties of K2-168b and K2-198b, and new planets K2-168c, K2-198c and K2-198d (Hedges et al. 2019)
2019/07/31:revised properties of K2-43b, which has also been moved from the "little-studied" to the "well-studied" category, and the new planet K2-43c (Hedges et al. 2019)
2019/07/31:added the new system EPIC 212737443 (Herath et al. 2019)
2019/07/30:revised orbital ephemeris and transit timing variations for WASP-4 (Southworth et al. 2019)
2019/07/30:added the new systems WASP-178, WASP-184, WASP-185 and WASP-192 (Hellier et al. 2019)
2019/07/29:revised properties for K2-146 (Hamann et al. 2019)
2019/07/29:revised properties for KELT-9 (Borsa et al. 2019)
2019/07/16:revised properties of Kepler-82, which has also been moved from the "little-studied" to the "well-studied" category (Freudenthal et al. 2019)
2019/07/01:Created archive "2019jul" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st July 2019
2019/06/28:orbital obliquity measurement for HD 3167c = K2-96c (Dalal et al. 2019)
2019/06/27:revised orbital ephemeris for DS Tuc A (HD 222259 A) from Newton et al. (2019) – note that this planet was already announced by Benatti et al. (2019)
2019/06/26:added the new system LTT 1445A (Winters et al. 2019)
2019/06/25:added the new system HD 271181 (Kossakowski et al. 2019) – note that the second system in the paper (TOI-150) was already announced as a planetary system back in February (Cañas et al. 2019).
2019/06/25:added the new system LP 791-18 (Crossfield et al. 2019)
2019/06/18:final journal reference for the discovery paper of Qatar-8, Qatar-9 and Qatar-10 (Alsubai et al. 2019)
2019/06/13:a second measurement of orbital obliquity for KELT-24 = MASCARA-3 (Hjorth et al. 2019)
2019/06/11:added the new system KELT-24 (Rodriguez et al. 2019)
2019/06/07:added the new system EPIC 246865365 (Rampalli et al. 2019)
2019/06/04:added the new systems HAT-P-69 and HAT-P-70 (Zhou et al. 2019)
2019/06/02:Created archive "2019jun" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st June 2019
2019/05/29:revised properties for the L98-59 system (Cloutier et al. 2019)
2019/05/17:revised transit depths for the TRAPPIST-1 planets (Burdanov et al. 2019)
2019/05/16:revised properties for Kepler-62 and Kepler-62f (Borucki et al. 2019)
2019/05/15:added K2-133e and revised properties for b, c and d (Wells et al. 2019)
2019/05/14:added the new system HR 858 (Vanderburg et al. 2019)
2019/05/08:added the new system NGTS-5 (Eigmüller et al. 2019)
2019/05/02:added the new system GJ 357 = TOI 562 (Luque et al. 2019)
2019/05/01:Created archive "2019may" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st May 2019
2019/04/30:added the new planetary system NGTS-6 (Vines et al. 2019)
2019/04/29:added the new systems WASP-169, WASP-171, WASP-175 and WASP-182 (Nielsen et al. 2019)
2019/04/25:new parameters and a new planet in the Kepler-47 system (Orosz et al. 2019)
2019/04/24:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-26 (von Essen et al. 2019)
2019/04/08:added the new planetary system MASCARA-4 (Dorval et al. 2019)
2019/04/04:added the new planetary system DS Tuc (Benatti et al. 2019)
2019/04/03:added the new planet K2-32e (Heller et al. 2019)
2019/04/02:revised orbital ephemerides for KELT-7 and WASP-62 (Garhart et al. 2019)
2019/04/01:Created archive "2019apr" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st April 2019
2019/03/27:added the new planetary systems K2-293 and K2-294 (Dattilo et al. 2019)
2019/03/25:added the new systems Qatar-8, Qatar-9 and Qatar-10 (Alsubai et al. 2019)
2019/03/22:added the new planetary system L98-59 (Kostov et al. 2019)
2019/03/21:added the new planetary system WASP-180 (Temple et al. 2019)
2019/03/20:added the new planetary system HD 213885 (Espinoza et al. 2019)
2019/03/19:revised physical properties for Kepler-25 and Kepler-65 (Mills et al. 2019)
2019/03/18:added the new systems WASP-177, WASP-181 and WASP-183 (Turner et al. 2019)
2019/03/15:added the new three-planet system TOI-270 (Günther et al. 2019)
2019/03/14:added the new two-planet system HD 15337 = TOI-402 (Gandolfi et al. 2019; Dumusque et al. 2019)
2019/03/13:added the new brown dwarf system EPIC 212036875 (Carmichael et al. 2019)
2019/03/13:revised physical properties for the brown dwarf system EPIC 219388192 = CWW 89A (Carmichael et al. 2019)
2019/03/12:added the new planetary system TOI-172 (Rodriguez et al. 2019)
2019/03/11:added the new planetary system TOI-125 (Quinn et al. 2019)
2019/03/08:revised physical properties and orbital ephemeris for WASP-74 (Mancini et al. 2019)
2019/03/07:added the new planetary system Kepler-1658 = KOI-4 (Chontos et al. 2019)
2019/03/06:revised orbital ephemeris for Kepler-167e (Dalba & Tamburo 2019)
2019/03/05:added the new planetary system KELT-23 (Johns et al. 2019)
2019/03/01:Created archive "2019mar" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st March 2019
2019/02/28:revised physical properties and a third transiting planet for Kepler-411 (Sun et al. 2019)
2019/02/27:added the new planetary system TOI-150 (Cañas et al. 2019)
2019/02/27:added the new planetary system V1298 Tau = EPIC 210818897 (David et al. 2019)
2019/02/26:added the new planetary system TOI-216 (Kipping et al. 2019)
2019/02/25:revised orbital ephemeris for HATS-24 (Oliveira et al. 2019)
2019/02/22:added the planetary system Kepler-408 now it is confirmed (Kamiaka et al. 2019)
2019/02/21:revised physical properties for K2-36 (Damasso et al. 2019)
2019/02/20:revised physical properties for Kepler-107 (Bonomo et al. 2019)
2019/02/19:revised physical properties for WASP-76 (Seidel et al. 2019)
2019/02/01:Created archive "2019feb" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st February 2019
2019/01/21:added the orbital obliquity of XO-6 (thanks to D.R.A. for noticing this omission) (Crouzet et al. 2017)
2019/01/18:revised physical properties for the Kepler-9 system (Borsato et al. 2019)
2019/01/17:added the new planetary system K2-288 = EPIC 249889081 (Díez Alonso et al. 2019)
2019/01/16:added the new planetary system EPIC 247418783 (Kosiarek et al. 2019)
2019/01/15:added the new planetary system EPIC 249624646 (Hjorth et al. 2019)
2019/01/14:new ephemerides for HAT-P-25, HAT-P-29, HAT-P-31, HAT-P-34, HAT-P-35, HAT-P-38, HAT-P-42, HAT-P-43, HAT-P-44, HAT-P-45, HAT-P-46, HAT-P-52, KELT-3, KELT-8, Qatar-3, Qatar-4, Qatar-5, WASP-37, WASP-58, WASP-73 and WASP-117 (Mallonn et al. 2018)
2019/01/10:added the new planetary system HD 221416 = TOI-197 = HIP 116158 (Huber et al. 2019)
2019/01/09:added the new planetary system KOI-1599 (Panichi et al. 2019)
2019/01/08:added the new planetary system HD 21749 (Dragomir et al. 2019)
2019/01/07:revised physical properties for K2-135 = GJ 9827 (Rice et al. 2018)
2019/01/02:added the new planetary systems WASP-134, WASP-137, WASP-143 and WASP-146 (Anderson et al. 2018)
2019/01/02:Happy new year everyone! Created archive "2019jan" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st January 2019


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