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2013/12/31:updated reference for POTS-1 (Koppenhoefer et al. 2013)
2013/12/30:revised parameters and reference for HD 97658 (Dragomir et al. 2013)
2013/12/30:updated reference for the orbital ephemeris of WASP-33 (von Essen et al. 2014)
2013/12/30:updated reference for Kepler-78 (Sanchis-Ojeda et al. 2013)
2013/12/19:revised parameters for WASP-80 (Mancini et al. 2013)
2013/12/18:added KOI-42 = KIC 8866102 (Van Eylen et al. 2013)
2013/12/17:renamed the four-planet system KOI-94 to Kepler-89 (see this page)
2013/12/16:added Kepler-91 = KOI-2133 = KIC 8219268 (Lillo-Box et al. 2013)
2013/12/10:added a new system with 7 transiting planets: Kepler-90 (Cabrera et al. 2013)
2013/12/10:three new transiting planets: WASP-68, WASP-73 and WASP-88 (Delrez et al. 2013)
2013/12/04:revised orbital ephemeris for XO-2 (Kundurthy et al. 2013)
2013/12/03:updated reference for KOIs 1236, 1563, 2038 and 2672 (Ming et al. 2013)
2013/12/02:created archive "2013dec" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 2nd December 2013
2013/11/28:revised parameters for Kepler-10 (Fogtman-Schulz et al. 2013)
2013/11/28:corrected reference for Kepler-50 and Kepler-65 (Chaplin et al. 2013)
2013/11/27:updated reference for a study of WASP-14 (Blecic et al. 2013)
2013/11/26:updated reference for a recent study of WASP-3 (Maciejewski et al. 2013)
2013/11/20:updated orbital ephemeris for WASP-33 (von Essen et al. 2013)
2013/11/14:corrected error in the time of mid-transit of WASP-97
2013/11/11:revised parameters for WASP-19 from Mancini et al. (2013)
2013/11/06:updated reference for the discovery of WASP-65 and WASP-75 (Gómez Macqueo Chew et al. 2013)
2013/11/05:updated reference for a recent study of GJ 3470 (Nascimbeni et al. 2013)
2013/11/01:created archive "2013nov" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st November 2013
2013/10/31:renamed KOI-142b to Kepler-88b (see this page). Kepler-88c does not transit
2013/10/31:revised parameters of Kepler-78 from Howard et al. (2013); see also Pepe et al. (2013)
2013/10/30:added Kepler-87b and Kepler-87c from Ofir et al. (2013)
2013/10/26:updated reference for a recent study of Kepler-22 (Kipping et al. 2013)
2013/10/25:updated reference for KOI-415 (Moutou et al. 2013)
2013/10/24:updated orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-32 from Gibson et al. (2013)
2013/10/24:revised parameters of WASP-12 from Sing et al. (2013)
2013/10/23:added seven more new WASP planets (95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101) from Hellier et al. (2013)
2013/10/22:another three new planets - WASP-76, WASP-82 and WASP-90 - from West et al. (2013)
2013/10/22:added three new planets - WASP-69, WASP-70 and WASP-84 - from Anderson et al. (2013)
2013/10/21:updated parameters from a new study of Kepler-56 (Huber et al. 2013)
2013/10/18:updated reference and revised parameters for KOI-142b (Nesvorny et al. 2013)
2013/10/18:updated reference for HATS-3 (Bayliss et al. 2013)
2013/10/16:The Kepler-79 planets: two new (d and e) and two revised (b and c) (Jontoff-Hutter et al. 2013)
2013/10/16:updated ephemerides for KOI-156, KOI-523, KOI-1203 and KOI-1278 from Batalha et al. (2013)
2013/10/16:updated reference and revised parameters for HAT-P-42 and HAT-P-43 (Boisse et al. 2013)
2013/10/16:added the new planets Kepler-87b and Kepler-87c to TEPCat (Ofir et al. 2013)
2013/10/14:revised parameters of WASP-3 from Maciejewski et al. (2013) and HAT-P-1 from Nikolov et al. (2013)
2013/10/14:renamed KIC 8435766 to Kepler-78 (see this page) and 12 of the planets from Xie (2013)
2013/10/14:removed KOI-869 and added KOI-2038 when updating from Xie (preprint) to Xie (2013)
2013/10/14:updated the properties of 11 TTV planetary systems from Xie (preprint) to Xie (2013)
2013/10/11:updated the spectroscopic parameters of several planet host stars using Mortier et al. (2013)
2013/10/08:renamed PH1 to Kepler-64, KOI-200 to Kepler-74 and KOI-889 to Kepler-75 (see this page)
2013/10/07:updated the reference for HATS-2 from the arXiv preprint to the final paper published by A&A
2013/10/04:renamed KOI-254 to Kepler-45 and KOI-872 to Kepler-46 (see this page)
2013/10/03:revised properties for KOI-274, KOI-285, KOI-370, KOI-1215 and KOI-2672 from Wang et al. (2013)
2013/10/02:renamed KOI-961 to Kepler-42, KOI-135 to Kepler-43 and KOI-204 to Kepler-44 (see this page)
2013/10/01:renamed KOI-423 to Kepler-39, KOI-428 to Kepler-40 and KOI-196 to Kepler-41 (see this page)
2013/10/01:created archive "2013oct" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st October 2013
2013/09/30:finished adding 22 new Kepler planets from Xie (2013)
2013/09/30:A "news" section is now available.


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