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2021/12/21:revised properties for K2-99 (Smith et al. 2021)
2021/12/20:added the planetary system TOI-1298 (Gonzáles-Álvarez et al. 2021)
2021/12/17:added the planetary system TOI-2109 (Wong et al. 2021)
2021/12/16:revised orbital ephemeris for HAT-P-36 (Yalçınkaya et al. 2021)
2021/12/15:added the planet V1298 Tau e (now its orbital period is known) and revised mass for V1298 Tau b (Suárez-Mascareño et al. 2021)
2021/12/14:added the planetary system HD 137496 (Silva et al. 2021)
2021/12/13:revised orbital ephemerides for V1298 Tau b,c,d (Feinstein et al. 2021)
2021/12/10:added the planetary system Kepler-1705(Leleu et al. 2021)
2021/12/09:revised orbital ephemerides for HAT-P-36, HAT-P-56 and WASP-52 (Sonbas et al. 2021)
2021/12/08:added K2-222 with revised properties from Nava et al. (2021)
2021/12/07:mass measurement and revised properties for K2-79b (Nava et al. 2021)
2021/12/06:added the planetary system TOI-712 (Vach et al. 2021)
2021/12/03:added the planetary system TOI-2257 (Schanche et al. 2021)
2021/12/02:renamed EPIC 249624646 to K2-290 and added orbital obliquity measurements for both planets (Hjorth et al. 2021)
2021/12/01:Created archive "2021dec" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st December 2021
2021/11/22:added the planet TOI-2076b (Hedges et al. 2021); planets c and d were not included as their orbital periods are not known
2021/11/19:added the planetary system TOI-1807 (Hedges et al. 2021)
2021/11/18:sky-projected and true orbital obliquity measurement for GJ 3470 (Stefánsson et al. 2021)
2021/11/17:revised orbital ephemeris for TrES-5 (Maciejewski et al. 2021)
2021/11/16:orbital obliquity measurements for HD 3167b and HD 3167c (Bourrier et al. 2021)
2021/11/15:revised planetary mass and density for HAT-P-32 (Czesla et al. 2021)
2021/11/12:added the planetary system HD 73583 (Barragán et al. 2021)
2021/11/11:added the planetary system LHS 1678 (Silverstein et al. 2021)
2021/11/10:another orbital obliquity measurement for V1298 Tau b (Johnston et al. 2021)
2021/11/09:two orbital obliquity measurements for V1298 Tau b (Gaidos et al. 2021)
2021/11/08:orbital obliquity measurement and revised properties for HD 332231 (Sedaghati et al. 2021)
2021/11/05:added the planetary system TOI-2285 (Fukui et al. 2021)
2021/11/04:added the planetary system TOI-1227 (Mann et al. 2021)
2021/11/03:orbital obliquity and revised properties for WASP-148 (Wang et al. 2021)
2021/11/02:added the planetary system HD 207897 (Heidari et al. 2021)
2021/11/01:Created archive "2021nov" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st November 2021
2021/10/25:added the planetary system HD 63935 (Scarsdale et al. 2021)
2021/10/22:added the planetary system HIP 97166 (McDougall et al. 2021)
2021/10/21:added the planetary systems K2-182 and K2-199 (Akana Murphy et al. 2021)
2021/10/20:added the planetary system TOI-530 (Gan et al. 2021)
2021/10/19:added the planetary system TIC 257060897 (Montalto et al. 2021)
2021/10/18:revised properties for AU Mic (Cale et al. 2021)
2021/10/15:revised properties for WASP-29 and WASP-156 (Saha & Sengupta 2021)
2021/10/14:added the planetary system TOI-1201 (Kossakowski et al. 2021)
2021/10/13:added the planetary systems TOI-1296 and TOI-1298 (Moutou et al. 2021)
2021/10/12:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-43 (Garai et al. 2021)
2021/10/11:revised properties for WASP-160 (Jofré et al. 2021)
2021/10/08:orbital obliquity measurement for HIP 67522 (Heitzmann et al. 2021)
2021/10/07:orbital obliquity measurements and revised properties for MASCARA-1 (Hooton et al. 2021)
2021/10/01:Created archive "2021oct" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st October 2021
2021/09/17:revised physical properties for AU Mic b and c (Gilbert et al. 2021)
2021/09/10:added the planetary system TOI-3362 (Dong et al. 2021)
2021/09/09:added the planetary system TOI-1518 with its obliquity measurement (Cabot et al. 2021)
2021/09/08:revised physical properties for π Men c (Huber et al. 2021)
2021/09/07:revised orbital ephemeris for K2-36 and K2-79 (Duck et al. 2021)
2021/09/06:added the planetary system TOI-2202 (Trifonov et al. 2021)
2021/09/03:revised orbital ephemeris for WASP-34 (Challener et al. 2021)
2021/09/02:revised physical properties for the L 98-59 system (Demangeon et al. 2021)
2021/09/01:Created archive "2021sep" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st September 2021
2021/08/31:added the planetary system TOI-431 (Osborn et al. 2021)
2021/08/24:orbital obliquity measurement for K2-140 (Rice et al. 2021)
2021/08/20:added the planetary system TOI-2184 (Saunders et al. 2021)
2021/08/09:mass measurements for two planets in the HD 191939 system (Lubin et al. 2021)
2021/08/08:revised orbital period for AU Mic b (Szabó et al. 2021)
2021/08/07:revised properties and a second planet for LTT 1445 (Winters et al. 2021)
2021/08/06:revised physical properties for the GJ 1214 system (Cloutier et al. 2021)
2021/08/05:added the planetary system TOI-2406 (Wells et al. 2021)
2021/08/04:revised physical properties for the Kepler-37 system (Rajpaul et al. 2021)
2021/08/03:added the planetary system TOI-532 (Kanodia et al. 2021)
2021/08/02:added the planetary system TOI-1749 (Fukui et al. 2021)
2021/08/01:Created archive "2021aug" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st August 2021
2021/07/23:revised properties for the Kepler-80 planets (MacDonald et al. 2021)
2021/07/22:added the planetary system Kepler-1704 (Dalba et al. 2021)
2021/07/20:revised properties for Wolf 503 (Polanski et al. 2021)
2021/07/19:added the planetary system TOI-561 (Lacedelli et al. 2020)
2021/07/12:revised properties for HAT-P-17, KELT-6, WASP-38, WASP-106 and K2-287 (Borsato et al. 2021)
2021/07/06:orbital obliquity measurement for V1298 Tau c (Feinstein et al. 2021)
2021/07/05:revised physical properties for WASP-88 (Spyratos et al. 2021)
2021/07/04:obliquity measurement and revised physical properties for TOI-942 (Wirth et al. 2021)
2021/07/01:Created archive "2021jul" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st July 2021
2021/06/30:added the planet HD 136352d and revised properties for HD 136352b and HD 136352c (Delrez et al. 2021)
2021/06/29:added the planet TOI-1798 (Khandelwal et al. 2021)
2021/06/24:added the planet HD 152843b (Eisner et al. 2021)
2021/06/23:added the brown dwarf system TOI-1278 (Artigau et al. 2021)
2021/06/22:revised ephemerides for HAT-P-36, KELT-1, KELT-20, KELT-23, TrES-3, WASP-3, WASP-92, WASP-93 and WASP-135 (Wong et al. 2021)
2021/06/21:added the planetary systems WASP-116 and WASP-149 (Brown et al. 2019)
2021/06/19:added the planetary system TOI-674 (Murgas et al. 2021)
2021/06/18:added an obliquity measurement for K2-232 (Wang et al. 2021)
2021/06/11:new obliquity measurement for WASP-33 (Borsa et al. 2021)
2021/06/10:added the transiting planetary system TOI-1444 (Dai et al. 2021)
2021/06/09:added the transiting brown dwarf system NGTS-19 (Acton et al. 2021)
2021/06/08:added the transiting planetary system TOI-1231 (Burt et al. 2021)
2021/06/07:revised ephemeris for WASP-110 (Nikolov et al. 2021)
2021/06/06:revised physical properties for Kepler-129 (Zhang et al. 2021)
2021/06/05:added projected and true obliquity measurements for KELT-9 (Ahlers et al. 2020)
2021/06/01:Created archive "2021jun" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st June 2021
2021/05/24:revised ephemeris for GJ 1132 (Libby-Roberts et al. 2021)
2021/05/09:added the planetary system TOI-1062 (Otegi et al. 2021)
2021/05/09:added the planetary system TOI-220 (Hoyer et al. 2021)
2021/05/07:improved physical properties and orbital ephemeris for KELT-16 (Mancini et al. 2021)
2021/05/06:added the planetary system TOI-269 (Cointepas et al. 2021)
2021/05/05:orbital obliquity measurement for TOI-1431 = MASCARA-5 (Stangret et al. 2021)
2021/05/04:added the planetary system TOI-1435 = MASCARA-5 (Addison et al. 2021)
2021/05/03:added the planetary system TOI-1260 (Georgieva et al. 2021)
2021/05/02:mass constraint and orbital obliquity measurement for DS Tuc (Benatti et al. 2021)
2021/05/01:Created archive "2021may" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st May 2021
2021/04/30:new orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-19 (Sedaghati et al. 2021)
2021/04/29:added the planetary system TOI-1634 (Hirano et al. 2021)
2021/04/28:added the planetary system TOI-263 (Palle et al. 2021)
2021/04/27:revised ephemerides for TOI-451 (Barragán et al. 2021)
2021/04/26:revised ephemerides for 20 Kepler planets (Battley et al. 2021)
2021/04/25:added the planetary system TOI-201 (Hobson et al. 2021)
2021/04/24:added the planetary system TOI-1685 (Bluhm et al. 2021)
2021/04/23:added the planetary system LHS 1478 = TOI-1640 (Soto et al. 2021)
2021/04/22:new orbital ephemeris for K2-138g (Hardegree-Ullman et al. 2021)
2021/04/21:new results for TOI-216 (Dawson et al. 2021)
2021/04/20:added the planetary system NGTS-13 (Grieves et al. 2021)
2021/04/14:revised ephemerides for KELT-18, KELT-23, KELT-24 and Qatar-8 (Maciejewski et al. 2020)
2021/04/01:Created archive "2021apr" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st April 2021
2021/03/31:revised ephemerides for 25 hot Jupiters (Kokori et al. 2021)
2021/03/30:added the planetary systems NGTS-15, NGTS-16 NGTS-17 and NGTS-18 (Tilbrook et al. 2021)
2021/03/29:revised ephemerides for WASP-91, WASP-126 and WASP-127 (Hayes et al. 2021)
2021/03/28:added the planetary system GJ 486 (Trifonov et al. 2021)
2021/03/27:revised ephemerides for HATS-24, WASP-30, WASP-36, WASP-64, WASP-72, WASP-77, WASP-78, WASP-82, WASP-100, WASP-111, WASP-121 and WASP-122 (Wong et al. 2021)
2021/03/26:added the planetary systems WASP-186 and WASP-187 (Schanche et al. 2021)
2021/03/25:added the planetary system HD 110082 (Tofflemire et al. 2021)
2021/03/24:added the planetary system TOI-451 (Newton et al. 2021)
2021/03/23:added the planetary systems TOI-558 and TOI-559 (Ikwut-Ukwa et al. 2021)
2021/03/22:revised properties for HATS-34 and HATS-46 (Louden & Hartman 2021)
2021/03/01:Created archive "2021mar" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st March 2021
2021/02/27:final journal reference for a paper on Qatar-1 (Su et al. 2019)
2021/02/26:added the planetary system TOI-130 (Sozzetti et al. 2021)
2021/02/25:added the planetary system HD 183579 (Palatnick et al. 2021)
2021/02/24:revised properties for the TOI-270 system (Van Eylen et al. 2021)
2021/02/23:revised properties for AU Mic and the new planet AU Mic c (Martioli et al. 2020)
2021/02/22:revised properties for HD 27149 (Gan et al. 2020)
2021/02/01:Created archive "2021feb" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st February 2021
2021/01/26:orbital obliquity measurement for WASP-107 (Rubenzahl et al. 2021)
2021/01/25:added the planetary system HD 110113 (TOI-755) (Osborn et al. 2021)
2021/01/22:another orbital obliquity measurement for HD 209458 (Casasayas-Barris et al. 2021)
2021/01/21:added the planetary system TOI-1259 (Martin et al. 2021)
2021/01/20:added the planetary system NGTS-14 (Smith et al. 2021)
2021/01/04:Happy new year everyone! Created archive "2021jan" as a snapshot of TEPCat on 1st January 2021


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