Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Open questions

Open Questions that the ChETEC Action will tackle

The ChETEC Action aims to tackle the following key open questions:

Early evolution of the universe:
- the lithium (Li-7) puzzle with respect to big bang nucleosynthesis
- the properties of the first stars and galaxy building blocks
Stellar evolution, explosions and the related nucleosynthesis:
- the impact of companion stars in multiple systems on their evolution and nucleosynthesis
- the progenitors and explosion mechanisms of type Ia, core collapse, and rarer, more exotic supernovae (gamma-ray bursts, electron-capture and pair-instability supernovae)
- the astrophysical site of the rapid neutron capture process (r process)
- the formation of the C13-pocket for the slow neutron capture process (s process)
- the role of neutrinos and their oscillations in explosions and ejecta composition
Cosmic and galactic gas composition and evolution:
- the Milky Way chemical evolution and assembly in the Gaia satellite era
- nucleosynthesis product ejection, mixing timescale and inhomogeneities in the ISM
- multi-dimensional and non-equilibrium effects in stellar atmospheres