Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Gender Statistics

The ChETEC Action management committee (MC) includes 45% female members in total, as well as separately both in terms of full members and of substitute members.

We are committed to innovation in nurturing gender diversity via:

  1. Aiming at gender balance in the managing of the Action and the organisation of each COST event. In terms of meetings, this translates into striving to at least 30% women participation at every meeting/workshop/school, also in terms of speakers and organisers, with the number of female speakers and members of the organising and scientific committees reflecting at least the percentage of the number of female participants.
  2. We will strive to achieve the same percentage of at least 30% in relation to both applications and awarded short term scientific missions (STSM), and to researchers participating to the activities of the working groups.

To achieve this in practice, we will actively monitor each event during preparation and encourage young female researchers, PhD students and post-docs to actively participate in the network, attend meetings. and apply for support for STSMs.

All the coordinators of meetings, events, working groups, and STSMs will collect such information for statistical purposes and for publication on this website.  Histograms will be provided once we collect information from enough meetings and STSMs.

We also offer mentoring within the network by providing a list of potential mentors who are happy to discuss topics with young researchers related to career opportunities as well as combining a family with a career.

Finally, we will exploit the impact of female role models both in the scientific community and within our outreach program and we will provide a list of contacts of women scientists in our network in different countries who would be available to offer job experience to high-school students.


Meetings statistics

Year 1

  1. Title and dates: Atomic physics and spectroscopy (7th June 2017); Location: Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University (Denmark); Organisers: Camilla Juul Hansen and Henrik Hartman; Statistics: 10 speakers of which 40% female, about 20-25 participants in total (with similar gender distribution as the speakers).
  2. Title and dates: Training school: R-matrix calculations for nuclear astrophysics (13th-15th September 2017); Location: IPN, Orsay (France); Chair of organising committee: Fairouz Hammache; Statistics: 15 students of which 1 female, 3 organisers (female), 2 lecturers (male). Total of 20 participants of which 20% women.
  3. Title and dates: ChETEC Year 1 Main workshop (9th-11th October 2017); Location: Keele University (UK); Organiser: Raphael Hirschi, Statistics: 64 participants of which 25 Female: 39%.
  4. Title and dates: ChETEC CORE group meeting (19th Janury 2018); Location: Budapest (Hungary); Organiser: Maria Lugaro, Statistics: 14 participants of which 4 Female: 29%.
  5. Title and dates: ChETEC Working Group 3 Workshop (14th-16th March 2018); Location: Vilnius (Lithuania); Organiser: Arunas Kucinskas, Statistics: 19 participants of which 7 female (37%), 13 speakers of which 6 female (46%), 4 organisers, no female.
  6. Title and dates: Training School: An experiment of Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics using direct methods (10th-21st April 2018); Location: Bucharest, Romania; Organisers: Livius Trache, Mihai Straticiuc, Statistics: 15 students of which 6 females (40%), 5 speakers of which 3 females (60%), 5 organisers, 3 female.

Year 2

  1. Title and dates: Knowledge Hubs workshop + period 2 MC meeting (27th June 2018); Location: National Institute for Nuclear Physics - Gran Sasso National Laboratory (Italy); Organiser: Raphael Hirschi, Statistics: 37 participants of which 12 female (32%).
  2. Title and dates: Nuclear Physics in Stellar Explosions including ChETEC Industrial day: Technological challenges in Nuclear Astrophysics (12th-14th September 2018); Location: Debrecen (Hungary); Organiser: Gábor Kiss, Statistics: 68 participants of which 18 female (26%), scientific session: 31 speakers of which 8 female (26%), ChETEC Industrial day: 13 speakers of which 1 female (8%); Total 44 speakers of which 9 female (20%); 8 organisers, 3 female (37%).
  3. Title and dates: NuGrid/JINA-CEE/ChETEC School: Software Tools for Simulations in Nuclear Astrophysics (17th-19th September, 2018 ); Location: Hull (United Kingdom); Organiser: Marco Pignatari; Statistics: 42 participants of which 6 female (14%), 9 speakers of which 2 female (22%).
  4. Title and dates: Chemical evolution and nucleosynthesis across the Galaxy & Low metallicity s-process (26th-30th November 2018); Location: Heidelberg (Germany); Organiser: Camilla Juul Hansen; Statistics CENAG2018: 90 participants of which 30 female (30%), 55 speakers of which 14 female (25%) Statistics ChETEC Satellite workshop: 45 participants of which 15 female (30%), 10 speakers of which 5 female (50%). Organisers: 11 of which 4 women (36%).
  5. Title and dates: ChETEC CORE group meeting (9th January 2018); Location: Sofia (Bulgaria); Organiser: Sevdalina Dimitrova, Statistics: 21 participants of which 7 Female: 30%.
  6. Title and dates: ChETEC Working Group 1 Workshop on Ne22+alpha (28th-29th January 2019); Location: Orsay (France) Organiser: Antonio Caciolli; Statistics: 11 participants of which 3 Female: 27%.

Year 3

  1. Title and dates: Electron-Capture-Initiated Stellar Collapse (20-24 May 2019); Location: Lorentz Centre, Leiden (The Netherlands); Chair of the Organizing Committee: Samuel Jones; Statistics: Organizers: 1/5 women (20%); Speakers: 4/17 (23%); All participants: 5/22 (23%).
  2. Title and dates: Nuclear and astrophysics aspects for the rapid neutron capture process in the era of multimessenger observations (1-5 July, 2019); Location: The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*), Trento (Italy); Chair of the Organizing Committee: Anu Kankainen; Statistics: Organizers: 2/4 women (50%); Invited speakers: 6/23 (27%); Other speakers: 2/10 (20%); All participants: 11/38 (29%).
  3. Title and dates: MICRA2019 - Microphysics In Computational Relativistic Astrophysics(12-16 August, 2019); Location: Jena FSU (Germany); Chair of the Organizing Committee: Nestor Ortiz; Statistics: Organizers: 1/8 women (12%); Invited speakers: 2/10 (20%); All participants: 7/44 (16%).
  4. Title and dates: CEMP stars conference (9-13 September, 2019); Location: University of Geneva (Switzerland); Chair of the Organizing Committee: Geroges Meynet; Statistics: Speakers: 28/70 (40%); All participants: 28/78 (37%).
  5. Title and dates: Lithium in the Universe: to Be or not to Be (18-22 November, 2019); Location: Observatory of Rome (Italy); Chair of the Organizing Committee: Paolo Ventura; Statistics: Organizers: 40% women, Invited Speakers: 23% women; All participants: 30% women.
  6. Title and dates: ChETEC Dissemination meeting (3-5th February 2020); Location: Barcelona (Spain); Organiser: Jordi Jose, Statistics: 6 participants of which 1 Female: 17%.
  7. Title and dates: ChETEC CORE group meeting (3-5th February 2020); Location: Barcelona (Spain); Organiser: Jordi Jose, Statistics: 11 participants (3 FEMALE) + 4 remote (3 FEMALE): 27% - 40% including remote.
  8. Title and dates: Direct reaction training school (19-21st February 2020); Location: Orsay (France); Organiser: Fairouz Hammache, Statistics:Organizers: 100% women, Trainers 0% women; Participants: 50% women.
  9. Title and dates: Aluminium-26 focus meeting (10-11th March 2020); Location: York (UK); Organiser: Alison Laird, Statistics: 15 participants + 4 remote of which 4 Female + 4 remote: 27% - 42% including remote

Year 4

  1. Title and dates: ChETEC Zagreb Nucleosynthesis pipeline Training school (31 Aug- 2 May 2020); Location: Online; Chair of the Organizing Committee: Raphael Hirschi; Statistics: Organizers: 1/6 women (17%); Lecturers: 4/6 (67%); Demonstrators: 1/4 (25%) Students: 31/86 (36%).
  2. Title and dates: ChETEC Year 4 Main workshop (3-4 September 2020); Location: Online, Split; Organiser: Raphael Hirschi, Statistics: 46% female
  3. Title and dates: ChETEC MC+WG Main workshop (8-10 September 2021); Location: Online, Lisbon; Organiser: Raphael Hirschi, Statistics: in person: 7/18 women 39%, online: 36/88 women 41%, overall 41female