Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Training Schools

We will organise one or two training schools every year. More information to follow.
Training school: "R-matrix calculations for nuclear astrophysics"
13 Sep, 2017 to 15 Sep, 2017 IPN, Orsay, France,

The main goal of the R-matrix method, which was developed by Lane and Thomas in the fifties, is to parametrize known experimental observables such as cross-sections of nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest or phase shifts with a small number of parameters, and then use these parameters to extrapolate data measured at higher energies down to stellar energies. R-matrix codes, easy to use, were developed these last 20 years such as DREAM of P. Descouvemont et al. and AZURE of Azuma et al.. These codes allow to analyze complex cases including multiple resonances which can interfere and non-resonant contributions. In this training school, the lecturers Pierre Descouvemont (Universiy ULB of Brussels) and Edward Simpson (University of Canberra) will show the participants how to use the two R-matrix codes after giving an introduction on the R-matrix formalism.