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Yields are provided for the following models:
   01 G015z14S013/
   02 G015z14S413/
   03 G015z01S013/
   04 G015z01S413/
   05 G015zm5S003/
   06 G015zm5S413/
   07 G020z14S013/
   08 G020z14S413/
   09 G020z01S013/
   10 G020z01S413/
   11 G020zm5S003/
   12 G020zm5S413/
   13 G025z14S013/
   14 G025z14S413/
   15 G025z01S013/
   16 G025z01S413/
   17 G025zm5S003/
   18 G025zm5S413/
   19 G025zm5S404/
   20 G025zm5S513/
   21 G025zm5S504/
   22 G025zm7S003/
   23 G025zm7S403/
   24 G025zm7S404/
   25 G025zm7S603/
   26 G025zm7S604/
   27 G040z14S413/
   28 G040z01S413/
   29 G040zm5S418/

Meaning of GXXXzYYSlmn
XXX is the initial mass
YY is the metallicity: 14 = solar; 01:Z=0.001; m5: Z=10e-5; m7: Z=10e-7
ini-composition:   Asplund 2005 + Cunha 2006, low Z - ALPHA - ENHANCED
Initial abundance files are given in:
reaclib:           reaclib-new.sproc (NACRE rates + update for light element reactions)

Slmn is for rotation/different input physics:
Sl meaning:
l=0,4,5,6: v/v_crit= 0, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 (S0: no rotation, S4 standard rotation, see discussion, e.g. link between Vini and v/v_crit, in Hirschi 2007) 
mn meaning:
03 - basel dual network (basnet=2) - Ne22(a,n) Jaeger et al 2001
13 - restarted 03 models from end of He-burning with a larger network (736 isotopes)
04 - identical to 03 up to start of He, CF88/10 O17ag adopted

Then there is some more info about the models:
 mod  Mfinal Ma50  Ma75  Mco01 Mrem [X/Y]

Mfinal: total final mass
Ma75: alpha core mass (defined at point where mass fraction of helium drops below 75% outwards; Ma50 is where it drops below 50%)
Mco01: CO core mass (defined at point where mass fraction of helium drops below 1% inwards)
Mrem: remnant mass determined according to Mco-Mrem relation of Arnett. 

[X/Y]: Concerning the bracket ratios:
max[X/Fe] ratios: assuming that the SN does not produce additional Fe during the explosion (e.g. due to significant fall-back or via an asymmetric explosion)
min[X/Fe] ratios: assuming the the SN produces 0.1 solar mass of Fe during the explosion

Formulae for yield (and Mrem) calculations are given in Hirschi, Meynet and Maeder 2005 (paper on yields)

Important Notes: 
- These are net yields (final - initial) so can be negative, especially for p, He3.
- Initial abundances are in mass fraction (not solar masses) so to calculate ejected masses for an element, one needs to do the following:

ejected_mass_i = yield_i + initial_mass_fraction_i*initial_mass

- initial abundance for lithium and berylium is not correct. This is my fault. Do not use these values!