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Numascale (WP3)

The SHYNE team will collaborate with the Norwegian company to find the best balance between shared and distributed memory architecture using their innovative ccNUMA technology.
ccNUMA technology
Brief explanation of the numascale technology
SHYNE cluster specifications
The computer cluster purchased with the ERC grant has been provided by HPC Integrex (contact Tim Cooke).
File object code SHYNE project + cluster summary
Short illustrated presentation describing the project and the computer cluster
File Presentation at ISC15 by R Hirschi
Presentation by R Hirschi on "Collaboration with Numascale On Current and Future Parallel Computing Platforms" at the 15th International Supercomputing Conference (High Performance), July 12-16 2015, Frankfurt, Germany.
File "Simulating large datasets using 2,3 TB of memory, 576 cores and 12 GPUs in one single Linux system": Presentation on Numascale shared-memory solution at Keele by Atle Vesterkjaer
In this presentation, Atle Vesterkjaer, Senior Software Engineer at Numascale, presents current and future Numascale systems, which enable to share memory across computer server nodes and how these can now be coupled to GPU cards to boost visualisation and analysis of large datasets.