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Datasets (WP5,WP1)

This folder will contain the datasets produced during this project.
Very Massive Star Models
Data for Very Massive Star Models published in Yusof et al 2013, MNRAS, 433, 1114:
S-process yields from Frischknecht et al 12,16
Full (pre-SN) s-process yields published in Frischknecht, Hirschi et al 2012A%26A...538L...2F and 2016 2016MNRAS.456.1803F. Please cite these two papers if you are using these yields. Please email if you use the yield tables or have questions.
Convective Boundary Mixing Uncertainties
Stellar tracks and profiles for the massive star models published in Kaiser et al. 2020, MNRAS, 496, 1967: Please cite this paper if you are using the data. Please email if you use the data or have questions.