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File contents

This folder contains the inlists and numerical results of the simulations presented
in "Relative importance of convective uncertainties in massive stars" (Monthly 
Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 496, Issue 2, pp.1967-1989,

The models are separated into folders with their initial mass.

The model files are named mass_metallicity_fcbm_f0_boundaryCriterion. 
mass: initial mass
metallicity: initial metal mass fraction (note that only the file names contain 
	     the metallicity. the metallicity is omitted in the folder name)
fcbm: The value of the f-value in the exponential decaying convective boundary
      mixing prescription
f0: The value of the f0-parameter.
boundaryCriterion: The boundary criterion used in the model, i.e. ledoux or 
		   For the Ledoux models, the semiconvective efficiency 
		   parameter is included as well: ledoux_semiconv<string>

Each model file contains the evolutionary track ('') and for each
burning phase three profile outputs: at ignition 
(0.3% of the fuel is burn: <stage>, middle of the burning phase (half
of the initial fuel is burnt: <stage> and depletion (central mass 
fraction of the fuel drops below 10^-5: <stage> <stage> indicates the
burning phase (hydrogen: H, helium: He).