Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Astronuclear Nibbles

A series videos addressing 9 topics/questions in the field of Nuclear Astrophysics to a general audience.

A series of 9 videos have been produced. An Advisory Board (R. Hirschi, M. Lugaro, J. Feige, A. Laird, and the actor and nuclear astrophysicist Anuj Parikh -an external collaborator) helped the coordinator of this series, J. José, to select the speakers (all from ChETEC country membres), based on a combination of geographical, age and gender balance. The videos show the multidisciplinary nature of this field, by combining  astrophysics, nuclear physics and cosmochemistry themes. They will be posted soon in a public server. 

  1. Is our Sun going to die? José (Spain)
  2. How do we measure the nuclear processes that power stars? Depalo (Italy)
  1. Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis. Prantzos (France)
  1. The First Stars. Matteucci (Italy)
  1. Stardust – The Nature of Presolar Grains. Feige (Germany)
  1. Is Humankind Threatened by a Forthcoming Supernova Explosion?Prodanovic (Serbia)
  1. Looking at the Stars with X- and Gamma-Ray Eyes. Diehl (Germany)
  1. Neutron Star Mergers, Gravitational Waves and R-Process – Multimessenger Astronomy. Goriely (Belgium)
  1. Stellar Evolution and (Super)computers. Hirschi (UK)


You can find the videos here: