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IAU Symposium 239

Convection in Astrophysics

21 - 25 August 2006
Prague, Czech Republic

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Convection is widespread throughout the Universe. This conference will deal with theoretical and observational aspects of convection in a wide variety of objects from our own Solar system to our Galaxy and beyond.

IAU Symposium 239 Convection in Astrophysics was held in Prague between 21 and 25 August 2006 as part of IAU General Assembly XXVI.

Supported by IAU Division IV (Stars) and IAU Commissions 10 (Solar Activity), 12 (Solar Radiation and Structure), 16 (Physical Study of Planets and Satellites), 27 (Variable Stars), 29 (Stellar Spectra), 34 (Interstellar Matter), 35 (Stellar Constitution), 36 (Theory of Stellar Atmospheres) and 37 (Star Clusters and Associations).

Review Speakers

David Arnett, Axel Brandenburg, Vittorio Canuto, Fausto Cattaneo, Cesare Chiosi, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Gary Glatzmaier, Hubert Klahr, John Landstreet, Robert Stein


A - Modelling of convection and radiative transfer
B - Observational probes of convection
C - Convection in planets and brown dwarfs
D - Stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, and convective mixing
E - Oscillations, mass loss, and convection
F - Convection and rotation
G - MHD convection and dynamos

Scientific Organizing Committee

Beatriz Barbuy (Brazil, IAU ex officio), Kwing Lam Chan (China), Francesca D'Antona (Italy), Tom Duvall (USA), Andrew Ingersoll (USA), Jiří Kubát (Czech Republic), Friedrich Kupka (co-chair, Germany), Åke Nordlund (Denmark), Ian Roxburgh (co-chair, UK), Barry Smalley (UK), Sami Solanki (Germany), Juri Toomre (USA), Sylvie Vauclair (France)

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