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Annual Meeting 2022

The hybrid annual BRIDGCE meeting will be held at Keele University and on Zoom on 5-7th December (the dates are changed from what indicated earlier).


    If you are interested in attending the annual meeting, either online or in person, please fill the pre-registration form. Please submit the form by 31st October. This will give us an idea of number of attendees and talks.

    If you missed the pre-registration, you can still register your attendance at the same link above. We will keep the form open to to help up estimating the number of attendees.

    Abstract Submission

    Abstract submission is currently open. If interested in giving a talk, please fill the abstrac submission form. Deadline for abstract submission is 18th November 25th November.


    The Program is released. If you cannot make the scheduled timeslot, please contact the organizers as soon as possible.


    If you are planning to attend in person, we can recommend:

    • on campus: Courtyard by Marriott, very close to the University, 15 min bus from Newcastle centre (25 bus line)
    • in Newcastle-under-Lyme: Travelodge, very close to the centre, 15 min bus to Keele (25 bus line)

    To reach Keele, you can take the train to Stoke-on-Trent Train Station and then the 25 bus line to Keele. We do not recommend staying in a hotel close to the Train Station, since the bus from the station takes around 40 min to reach Keele.


    The meeting will take place at Keele University, in the Lennard-Jones Building. This building is on the campus, so you can either reach it on foot if you are staying on campus, or by bus (line 25), there is a bus stop immediately in front of the building.

    The room where the meeting will be taking place is LJ1.01.

    If you are coming by car: there is not much room on campus for parking, but there is a large free parking space right outside campus, 15 min walk from the building where the meeting is taking place.

    Invited talks

    Francesca De Angeli (IoA Cambridge)
    Erin Higgins (Armagh)
    Stephen Smartt (Belfast)
    Alison Laird (York)


    Federico Rizzuti (Keele) - chair
    James Keegans (Keele) - contact person
    Dyna Ibrahim (Hertfordshire)
    Alexander Hall-Smith (York)
    Alexander Murphy (Edinburgh)
    Raphael Hirschi (Keele) - supporter
    Chiaki Kobayashi (Hertfordshire) - supporter