A list of assorted astronomical and non-astronomical links that may or may not all work!

Publications and Journals

ADS Abstract Service
astro-ph preprint server - new
Astrophysical Journal
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
ApJ Instructions to Authors
MNRAS Manuscript Central

Telescopes and Observatories

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
SAO Telescope Date Center
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Hubble Space Telescope
Spitzer Space Telescope


American Astronomical Society
Royal Astronomical Society


Massive Star newsletter
Magellanic Cloud newsletter
AGB newsletter
Cool Stars newsletter
Star Formation newsletter

Astronomical Databases and resources

NASA Infrared Science Archive
Thomas Rauch's model stellar atmosphere
Lionel Siess's Stellar Isochrones
Leo Girardi's TRILEGAL Stellar Populations Code

Data reduction, programming packages and tools

ACIS Extract Data Reduction Package
The Perl Bookshelf
UCL astro-wiki

Outreach and Images

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Hayden Planetarium Visualization Archive
Introduction to the Hubble Space Telescope
The Constellations and their Stars

Non-astronomical Links

Google Maps

The IPHAS Survey

The INT Photometric H-Alpha Survey
INT WFS Archive
IPHAS Object Finder
IPHAS Catalogue Search

Observing Tools

Equatorial to Galactic Coordinates Converter
HectoSpec Observers Manual
Chandra Proposal Planning Toolkit

Jobs and Meetings

International Astronomy Meetings List
Astrophysics Job Rumour Mill
AAS Job Register