Curriculum Vitae

A full CV in PDF format is available here.

Current Position
Ernest Rutherford Fellow, Keele University (2015-Present)

University College London (2004-2009)
PhD Astrophysics
Thesis: `The Structure and Chemistry of Evolved Stars and Nebulae`
Advisor: Michael J. Barlow

Bristol University (1999-2003)
MSci (Hons) Physics and Astrophysics
Research Project: `The Structure of the Coma Cluster`
Advisor: Mark Birkinshaw

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship, 2015
Royal Astronomical Society Fellowship, 2012
Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellowship, 2008
Detica Prize for best academic performance, Bristol University, 2002
Dean's Award for best overall performance, Bristol University, 2000

Teaching Experience
Introduction to X-ray Astronomy (Graduate Level), University of Hertfordshire, 2012-15
The Physical Universe (Undergraduate Workshops), University of Hertfordshire, 2012-15
Teaching Assistant, Mathematical Methods, University College London, 2004-06
Teaching Assistant, University of London Observatory, 2004-06

Supervisiory Experience
Joseph Armstrong (PhD student, Keele University), 2015-
Charlie Roe (Masters student, University of Hertfordshire), 2014-2016
Mike Mohr-Smith (PhD student secondary-supervisor, University of Hertfordshire), 2012-2016
John Robinson (Master student, University of Hertfordshire), 2012-2014
John Hoffman (SAO REU Program co-supervisor, SAO), 2011
Erik van der Veen (Masters student co-supervisor, SAO / Southampton), 2010-2011