Properties of well-studied detached eclipsing binaries


Here are mass-radius, temperature-gravity and Hetzsprung-Russell diagrams for the component stars of well-studied detached eclipsing binaries. Click on each image to get it full-size.

The primary components are plotted in blue and the secondary components in red. Also plotted, in green, are the zero-age main sequence values predicted by the Cambridge theoretical models (Pols et al, 1998MNRAS.298..525P) for fractional metal abundances of Z = 0.02 (solid lines) and Z = 0.01 (dashed lines). On some of the plots the two components of each system are connected with dotted grey lines.

Mass-radius plot (with errorbars) Mass-radius plot (stars connected)

Temperature-gravity plot (with errorbars) Temperature-gravity plot (stars connected)

Hetzsprung-Russell diagram (with errorbars) Hetzsprung-Russell diagram (stars connected)


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