In December 1995, in between two observing runs at ESO La Silla, I chose to walk around a bit in the Andes near Santiago de Chile, and maybe to the summit of Volcan San Jose (5856m).
Slide 2344 The valley of the Rio Volcan (1900m), a tributary to the Rio Maipo. At the end of the valley, Volcan San Jose (5856m) still bears lots of snow, but temperatures are already pleasant.  
Slide 2352 In Parque Nacional El Morado the water comes bubbling out of pores in the ground. It's the most delicious water I have ever tasted, but you can't preserve it because all sorts of coloured sediment dissolves out of it within a matter of minutes. It has to be drunk at the spot. So you better go there and have a sip.  
Slide 2354 Parque Nacional El Morado, with Cerro Morado (4490m).  
Slide 2359 The trail leading from the valley of the Rio Volcan into the Quebrada de la Engorda. I'm not sure but I think the highest mountain in the picture might be Cerro Punta Italia (5197m), due North.  
Slide 2362 Volcan San Jose (the peak on the right of the middle), overlooking Quebrada de la Engorda.  
Slide 2376 In the snow by now. The route heads to the left, curving around and up from behind the ridge that you can see in the centre of the picture.  
Slide 2386 Looking Southwest from where I had come and where I had met the only other two people on the mountain: a brit and an american, who had climbed up to 4000m in one go in order to acclimatise for their intended ascent of the Aconcagua. They went down the next morning with severe headaches.  
Slide 2391 Room with a view: I bivouaced at about 5100m altitude. The sleeping bag was fantastic: Nomad Polar Expedition or something like that, their most extreme one. It got lost on the flight home from Chile via Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas re-imbursed without complaint).  
Slide 2399 Near the summit, fuming fields of poisonous sulphuric acid.