I am the Year One Tutor for degree programmes involving principal Physics or Astrophysics.
For a decade I was also the Subject Tutor for ERASMUS, Exchange and Study Abroad students.
Besides this (and various tutorials), I also provide (or have provided) the following:

* PhD or Masters in Astrophysics You can read about my past and current PhD students and some of the currently available PhD or Masters projects here.
* MPhys in Astrophysics Once we offered an MPhys in Astrophysics. I designed the Research Project and "The High-Redshift Universe". I made some material available on-line.
* Astrobiology I designed a 3rd-year module on Astrobiology ("Life in the Universe"). I've also supervised a Life Sciences student's final year project on Astrobiology.
* Astrochemistry I once gave an introduction to Astrochemistry for students on a Chemistry Enhancement Course.
* Astrolab 1 I run a laboratory at our observatory for Single Honours Astrophysics students (2018 onwards). We take images and spectra.
* Astronomical Data Analysis This is a 2nd-year laboratory course, teaching some Astronomical Data Analysis techniques. I designed this as my first teaching assignment.
* Atomic Physics Once upon a time I was module leader of this course, and designed a Monte Carlo experiment. The module was offered to Science Foundation Year students, and students of the Post-Graduate Certificate of Education.
* Dissertation I delivered a module to 3rd-year students in which they write and present a dissertation.
* Galaxies I originally designed this course for 2nd-year students of Single Honours Astrophysics. It was then redesigned and reredesigned by others and since 2020 I teach it again.
* Nuclear and Particle Physics I taught and improved this course between 2014-2017.
* Scientific Practice I designed this course for our Single Honours students (2017/18 onwards).
* Thermodynamics I used to be module leader of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, for 2nd-year students. I now only teach the Thermodynamics part.