Stu and Mick's Mars Homepage

Mars is a hot topic at the moment as there are numerous talks of sending various probes, to explore the Red Planet even further. So us two, Michael Windsor and Stuart O'Brien, have put together a few pages for you to explore at your hearts content!

This is an image of the Highlands of Mars; clearly visible is the largest

volcano in the Solar System, Olympus Mons (below).

And here is a close up image of that vast volcano, Olympus Mons:

There are numerous missions to Mars to find out more about the enviroment of Mars and what substaces are in its sands. To find out more about volcanoes and the exploration of Mars check out these links for more information:

  • Martian Volcanoes
  • Center for Mars Exploration homepage

  • Is There Life on Mars?

    There have been many theories that there may have been some life on Mars and there are some theories that say there still is. But before you get excited about life on other planets we have only found very basic forms and they are bacteria type organisams which have been fossilised (see image below). When the Martian meteorites first came into the lime light there where sugestions that the rocks could have been contaminated after they had landed on Earth by bacteria not from Mars but from our own planet.

    These objcts look very similar to the simple organisims wide spread on Earth nealy three and a half billion years ago.

    Here are even MORE links to keep you even MORE occupied for the rest of the entire day

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    Stuart O'Brien

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