Well, if you clicked on my name, and are truly interested, I shall give you the lowdown on myself.

My name is Jon Talpur, I am 17 years old, and for part of my work experience at Keele University, I created a few web pages for their Astrophysics group. I can say that I worked as dilligently as I could to find out as much information as I could on Quasars, Pulars, and Globular Clusters.

I can honestly say that the most difficult part of creating the web pages, was finding some decent links worthy enough to go with them! In the end, I feel that I got the best ones that I could find, but some of them are probably still a bit tedious.

There are too many people to thank (and I don't quite know all of their names-sorry about that), but thank them I shall. They include;

....and to the many more people who injected (and still inject) a bit of life into the Astrophyics section.