Sakurai's Object

What have we learned in the first five years?

AUGUST 3-4 2000

2nd Announcement

The first announcement for this workshop may be found at the url

An outline of the scientific programme is appended to this message.

General information about Keele and the University may be found at the url ; click on University for Travel information etc. There is a campus map at but for those travelling by car this does not show the recently-constructed entrance road. For an up-to-date map see

En suite accommodation is available from 2nd August to 5th August, for which the cost is 145 GBP to cover morning and afternoon refreshments, hire of room and accommodation as follows:

There are several fast-food-type eating establishments on the campus for times not covered by the above.

It is likely that we shall arrange an informal reception on the evening of August 2nd; details will be available at registration. A registration fee of 30 GBP will cover local costs and the distribution of proceedings.

Payment may be made by credit card, personal cheque, or cash (GBP) at registration.

There is an on-line registration form, at the url

Preliminary Outline of Meeting

Thursday 3 August

               SESSION ONE: Review of Observations to date

       0930 - 1000  Optical photometry        Hilmar Durbeck  
       1000 - 1030  Optical spectroscopy      To be confirmed
       1030 - 1100  Coffee
       1100 - 1130  Infrared observations     Stewart Eyres   
       1130 - 1150  Radio observations        Anita Richards  
       1150 - 1210  HST Observations          Howard Bond     

       1230 - 1345  Lunch

               SESSION TWO: Current state of modelling: the star

       1400   The distance problem      Florian Kerber*
       1430   Modelling the atmosphere  Martin Asplund* 
       1500   Tea
       1530   Modelling the evolution   Falk Herwig     

               SESSION THREE: Current state of modelling: the environment

       1600   Modelling the PN          Don Pollacco 
       1630   Modelling the dust shell  Vic Tyne    

			    Friday 4 August

               SESSION FOUR: Comparisons with related Objects

       0900   PPNs                      Orsola de Marco*
       0930   Hydrogen deficient PNs    Albert Zijlstra 
       1000   The RCB connection        Geoff Clayton 
       1030   Coffee
               SESSION FIVE: Short contributions

       1230   Lunch

               SESSION SIX: Open Discussion

       1400 Strategies for future observations
       1500 Theory: where is our understanding (of evolution,
            modelling) deficient? 

* To be confirmed