Sakurai's Object

What have we learned in the first five years?

AUGUST 3-4 2000

1st Announcement

Since its discovery as a possible "slow nova" in 1996, "Sakurai's Object" (V4334 Sgr) has generated a great deal of interest. It is now believed to be an evolved star undergoing final helium shell flash, and we have the first - a once-in-a-lifetime - opportunity to observe one of these rare events over the broad wavelength range now accessible. Moreover there have been significant developments both in the theoretical understanding of this poorly-understood (and brief) phase of stellar evolution, and in modelling the atmospheres and winds of these objects.

Now that Sakurai's Object has been studied observationally and theoretically for nearly five years, it is timely to take stock and to review the current situation. We will therefore host a 2 day workshop to discuss Sakurai's Object, to exchange ideas and to present latest developments. The format will be based on short review talks and posters, with ample time for discussion etc. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop attendance is restricted to 60.

Following responses to an earlier (zeroth) announcement, the workshop will be held at Keele University on 3-4 August 2000. Keele is about 40 miles south of Manchester, and within 40 minutes' drive of Manchester Airport. We trust that the timing and venue will enable those who wish to do so to combine the Sakurai workshop with participation in the IAU General Assembly, Manchester, August 2000.

Keele University lies in the Staffordshire countryside a few miles from Stoke-on-Trent. The campus is in the grounds of the former Sneyd family estate and provides a self contained conference venue. Campus accommodation has been reserved at Keele for the interval 2-5 August inclusive. We estimate that the cost of accommodation, from arrival on the evening of Wednesday 2 August, to departure on the morning of Saturday 5 August, will be in the region of 175 pounds sterling; this covers the cost of en suite full board, and morning and afternoon refreshments. A registration fee, which will be no more than 50 pounds sterling, will cover local costs. We are looking into the possibility of publishing proceedings; the cost of proceedings is included in the registration fee. Details will be posted on the workshop web site

Registration will begin on Wednesday 2 August.

Please pass on this announcement to any colleagues we may have missed. A second announcement with further details and an invitation to register will be sent in mid-February.

We are still looking into means of sponsoring the workshop and potential participants should note that we have no means of funding participation at present.

Scientific Organising Committee:
A. Evans, B. Smalley, D. Pollaco, S. Eyres

Local Organising Committee:
A. Evans, B. Smalley, V.H. Tyne, A. Ford, R. Gardiner

Preliminary Outline of Meeting: