The reference for the proceedings book is:

2009, in: The Magellanic System: Stars, Gas, and Galaxies, eds. Jacco Th. van Loon and Joana M. Oliveira, IAUS 256 (CUP)

The posters are published exclusively on this website, as described in the book (pages xi-xvi). Instead of by book page number, they may be referred to by their P-xx or PDF-xx identifier:

File Authors Title
PDF-1 E. Balbinot, B.X. Santiago, L.O. Kerber, B. Barbuy, B.M.S. Dias Colour-magnitude diagrams of candidate age-gap filling LMC clusters
PDF-2 B. Barbuy, B.M.S. Dias, P. Coelho, T.E.P. Idiart, L.O. Kerber Age and metallicity of globular clusters in the SMC from integrated spectra
PDF-3 A.Z. Bonanos, A.Z., M. Lopez-Morales, I. Hunter, R. Ryans HE0437-5439: The first hypervelocity star from the LMC
PDF-4 M. Borges Fernandes, M. Kraus, J. Kubat, F.X. de Araujo LHA115-S23, from B[e] to A[e]: A highly precessing system or a chemically peculiar object?
PDF-5 M.L. Boyer, E.D. Skillman, J.Th. van Loon, D.C. Jackson, R.D. Gehrz A Spitzer IRAC census of the asymptotic giant branch populations in Local Group dIrr galaxies
PDF-6 M.-R.L. Cioni, K. Bekki, G. Clementini, W.J.G. de Blok, J. Emerson, C.J. Evans, R. de Grijs, B.K. Gibson, L. Girardi, M.A.T. Groenewegen, V.D. Ivanov, R. Napiwotzki, M. Marconi, C. Mastropietro, B. Moore, T. Naylor, J.M. Oliveira, V. Ripepi, J.Th. van Loon, M.I. Wilkinson, P.R. Wood The VMC survey
PDF-7 M. Cohen, J.L. Hora, Q.A. Parker, W.A. Reid LMC PNe: Spitzer IR luminosity functions and AGB halos
P-1 B.M.S. Dias, L.O. Kerber, B.X. Santiago, B. Barbuy Self-consistent physical parameters for Magellanic Cloud clusters from Colour-Magnitude Diagram modelling: Application to SMC clusters observed with the SOAR telescope
PDF-8 M.D. Filipovic, E.J. Crawford, A. Hughes, H. Leverenz, A.Y. De Horta, J.L. Payne, L. Staveley-Smith, J. Dickel, F.H. Stootman, G.L. White New radio-continuum surveys of the Magellanic Clouds
PDF-9 M.D. Filipovic, J.L. Payne, F. Haberl, W. Pietsch, P.F. Winkler, E.J. Crawford, A.Y. Horta, F.H. Stootman Multi-wavelength observations of Magellanic SNRs
PDF-10 Y. Fukui, M. Murai, H. Iritani, A. Kawamura, T. Wong, Y. Mizuno, E. Muller, N. Mizuno, T. Ohnishi, L. Staveley-Smith, S. Kim Formation and evolution process of giant molecular clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud
P-2 I. Goldman Turbulence: A probe of the dynamics and physics of the Magellanic Stream
P-3 A.J. Gosling, S.A. Farrell, N.A. Webb, J.J.E. Kajava The Magellanic System X-ray sources
PDF-11 D.A. Gouliermis, Th. Henning, W. Brandner, A.E. Dolphin, S. Schmeja, R.A. Gruendl, Y.-H. Chu, R.S. Klessen Star-forming regions in the Magellanic Clouds
PDF-12 A.J. Grocholski, A. Sarajedini, C.L. Macone, A.A. Cole, D. Geisler, V.V. Smith Main-sequence fitting ages for a large sample of LMC clusters
P-4 R. Guandalini, M. Busso Galactic C and S stars as guidelines for Magellanic Cloud AGB stars
PDF-13 F. Haberl, P. Eger Be/X-ray binaries in the SMC seen with XMM-Newton
PDF-14 C. Henkel, J. Ott The detection of ammonia (NH3) in the LMC
PDF-15 C. Herrera Contreras, M. Rubio, A.D. Bolatto Molecular clouds in the HII region N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PDF-16 A. Hughes, T. Wong, E. Muller, J.L. Pineda, J. Ott, The MAGMA Collaboration Properties of LMC molecular clouds from MAGMA, the Magellanic Mopra Assessment
PDF-17 V.A. Huseynov, R.E. Gasimova Neutrino-electron scattering in hot magnetic fields in the Magellanic System with allowance for polarizations of electrons
P-5 D. Kato The IRSF Magellanic Clouds point source catalogue
PDF-18 A. Kawamura, Y. Mizuno, M. Murai, T. Minamidani, N. Mizuno, T. Onishi, E. Muller, A. Mizuno, M.D. Filipovi\'c, L. Staveley-Smith, S. Kim, M. Rubio, Y. Fukui Study of molecular clouds and star formation in the Magellanic Clouds by NANTEN
PDF-19 S.C. Keller, G. Da Costa, K. Freeman, M.S. Bessell, P. Francis, B. Schmidt, P. Tisserand SkyMapper: Mapping the Magellanic Clouds
PDF-20 L.O. Kerber, L. Girardi, S. Rubele, M.-R.L. Cioni The VISTA survey of the Magellanic Clouds: Unveiling their star formation history
P-6 A. Kucinskas, V. Dobrovolskas, A. Cerniauskas, T. Tanabe Photometric metallicities of star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud
P-7 E. Lagadec, A.A. Zijlstra The trigger of the AGB superwind: The importance of carbon
P-8 M.-Y. Lee, S. Stanimirovic, J. Ott, A.D. Bolatto, J.Th. van Loon, K.E. Devine, J.M. Oliveira, P.A. Jones, M.R. Cunningham Dark clouds in the Small Magellanic Cloud
P-9 Lloyd Evans, K.R. Pollard Spectroscopic and infrared properties of Type II Cepheids in the LMC and the Galaxy
P-10 W.J. Maciel, R.D.D. Costa, T.E.P. Idiart Chemical evolution of the Magellanic Clouds based on planetary nebulae
PDF-21 S.R. Majewski, D.L. Nidever, W. Butler Burton The source and formation of the Magellanic Stream
PDF-22 A.R. Marble, C.W. Engelbracht, C. Bot, K.D. Gordon, J.L. Hora, Spitzer SAGE Team Inventoring aromatic emission in the Magellanic Clouds
P-11 C. Martayan, J. Zorec, Y. Fremat Zero-age main-sequence rotational velocities of Be/Oe stars and luminous GRB progenitors in the Magellanic Clouds
P-12 C. Martayan, P. Diago, J. Gutierrez-Soto, J. Fabregat, A.-M. Hubert, M. Floquet, C. Neiner, M. Mekkas Variability of B and Be stars in the LMC/SMC: Binaries and pulsations
PDF-23 N. Matsunaga A search for intracluster dust of stellar clusters in the LMC
P-13 M. Matsuura The global gas and dust budget of the Large Magellanic Cloud: AGB stars and supernovae, and impact on the ISM
PDF-24 M. Meixner, M. Sewilo, U.P. Vijh, C. Leitherer, B.A. Whitney, M. Meade, B.L. Babler, R. Indebetouw, J.L. Hora, K.D. Gordon, C.W. Engelbracht, M. Block, K.A. Misselt, R.D. Blum, W. Reach, J.-P. Bernard, A.G.G.M. Tielens, Spitzer SAGE Team Spitzer survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE)
PDF-25 M. Meixner, S. Madden, S. Hony, A.G.G.M. Tielens, K.D. Gordon, A.D. Bolatto, C.W. Engelbracht, E. Churchwell, B.L. Babler, T. Beck, J.-P. Bernard, C. Bot, F. Boulanger, S. Bracker, G.C. Clayton, M. Cohen, K. Dobashi, Y. Fukui, F. Galliano, J. Harris, J.L. Hora, A. Hughes, R. Indebetouw, F. Israel, A. Kawamura, S. Kim, C. Kramer, A. Li, K. Long, M. Marengo, F. Markwick-Kemper, M. Matsuura, M. Meade, K.A. Misselt, E. Muller, D. Neufeld, A. Nota, S. Oey, K. Okumura, J.M. Oliveira, T. Onishi, D. Paradis, A. Poglitsch, W. Reach, T. Robitaille, M. Rubio, D. Rubin, M. Sauvage, M. Sewilo, L.J. Smith, S. Srinivasan, S. Stanimirovic, J.Th. van Loon, B.A. Whitney, M. Wolfire, Herschel HERITAGE Team HERschel Inventory of The Agents of Galaxy Evolution (HERITAGE) in the Magellanic Clouds
PDF-26 M. Meixner, D. Riebel, S. Srinivasan, O. Fraser, B.L. Babler, M. Block, S. Bracker, C.W. Engelbracht, K.D. Gordon, J.L. Hora, R. Indebetouw, C. Leitherer, M. Meade, K.A. Misselt, B.A. Whitney, M. Sewilo, U.P. Vijh Variability parameters and mass-loss tracers in the LMC
PDF-27 M. Meixner, J.-P. Bernard, D. Paradis, W. Reach, K. Dobashi, A. Hughes, A. Kawamura, Spitzer SAGE Team ISM in the LMC from Spitzer/SAGE and extinction data
P-14 I. Meschin, C. Gallart, A. Aparicio, R. Carrera, M. Monelli, S.L. Hidalgo, P.B. Stetson LMC: Stellar populations and their gradients
P-15 Y. Mizuno, N. Mizuno, A. Kawamura, T. Ohnishi, Y. Fukui, T. Minamidani, J. Stutzki, J.L. Pineda, U. Klein, F. Bertoldi, B.C. Koo, M. Rubio, M.G. Burton, J. Ott, NANTEN2 Consortium, Spitzer SAGE Team Sub-mm observations of molecular clouds in the N159 region with the NANTEN2 telescope
PDF-28 N. Mizuno, Y. Mizuno, M. Rubio, F. Bertoldi, J.L. Pineda, F. Boulanger, M. Vidal, A. Kawamura, E. Muller, M. Murai, T. Minamidani, T. Onishi, Y. Fukui, J. Stutzki, U. Klein, M.G. Burton, B.C. Koo, A. Bentz, NANTEN2 Consortium Sub-mm observations of GMCs in the SMC with NANTEN2
PDF-29 N. Morrell, P. Massey, K. deGioia-Eastwood, L. Penny, D. Gies, N. Melena, B. Skiff Massive binaries in Magellanic star clusters
PDF-30 E. Muller, J. Ott, A. Hughes, J.L. Pineda, T. Wong, N. Mizuno, A. Kawamura, Y. Mizuno, Y. Fukui, T. Onishi Characterizing the low-mass molecular component in the Northern Small Magellanic Cloud
P-16 H.R. Neilson, C.-C. Ngeow, S.M. Kanbur, J.B. Lester Modeling mass-loss and infrared excess in Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids
PDF-31 M. Oddone, A. Laval, E. LeCoarer, G. Goldes An Halpha giant shell in the South-East of the Large Magellanic Cloud
P-17 K. Onaka, T. Kamizuka, I. Sakon, T. Miyata, T. Tanabe, Y. Okada, I. Yamamura Mid-infrared spectrum variation of long-period variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PDF-32 J.L. Payne, M.D. Filipovic, W.C. Millar, E.J. Crawford, A.Y. Horta, F.H. Stootman, D. Urosevic Radio planetary nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds
PDF-33 V. Ripepi, S.M. Kanbur, M. Marconi, C.-C. Ngeow, M. Turner, I. Musella Multiphase PC/PL relations: Comparison between theory and observations
PDF-34 V. Ripepi, M. Marconi, I. Musella, M. Dall'Ora, A. Ruoppo, M. Capaccioli, G. Clementini, M. Tosi, G. Macario, D. Romano, M. Cignoni, E. Brocato, G. Raimondo, M. Cantiello, M.-R.L. Cioni, A. Nota, M. Sirianni, J.S. Gallagher, E.K. Grebel, E. Cappellaro STEP survey - the SMC in time: Evolution of a prototype interactingdwarf galaxy
PDF-35 F. Ripple, S.M. Kanbur, L. Macri, C.-C. Ngeow, S. Nikolaev, T. Barnes Preliminary results of the SUNY Oswego IR LMC survey
PDF-36 F. Royer, P.L. North, C. Melo, J.R. de Medeiros, E.K. Grebel, J.-C. Mermilliod, B.L. Canto Martins, C. Martayan, A. Maeder Stellar rotation rate in the Magellanic Clouds: Does metallicity matter?
PDF-37 S. Rubele, L. Girardi, L.O. Kerber, M.-R.L. Cioni The VISTA survey of the Magellanic Clouds: Image simulations and expected photometric outcome
PDF-38 M. Rubio, K. Ruebke, N. Mizuno Star formation in the Magellanic Bridge
PDF-39 A. Ruzicka, A. Theis, J. Palous Spatial motion of the Magellanic Clouds - tidal models ruled out?
PDF-40 J.F.C. Santos Jr., A.A. Schmidt, E. Bica Merger candidates among star clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud
P-18 F. Schiller, N. Przybilla, R.-P. Kudritzki, M.A. Urbaneja Quantitative spectroscopy of BA-type supergiants in the SMC: Basic atmospheric parameters and the flux-weighted gravity-luminosity relationship
PDF-41 R.A. Shaw, A. Rest, G. Damke Photometric variations in LMC planetary nebulae
PDF-42 L.J. Smith, L.R. Carlson, K. Romita, M. Sewilo, E. Sabbi, M. Meixner, T. Robitaille, A. Nota, B.A. Whitney, K.D. Gordon A panchromatic view of Magellanic star formation: From optical to infrared
PDF-43 S. Srinivasan, M. Meixner, C. Leitherer, U.P. Vijh, K. Volk, R.D. Blum, B.L. Babler, M. Block, S. Bracker, M. Cohen, C.W. Engelbracht, K.D. Gordon, J. Harris, J.L. Hora, R. Indebetouw, F. Markwick-Kemper, M. Meade, K.A. Misselt, M. Sewilo, B.A. Whitney Infrared excess emission from asymptotic giant branch stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PDF-44 S. Srinivasan, K. Volk, R.D. Blum Near-infrared spectroscopy of SAGE sources in the LMC
PDF-45 L.J. Townsend Modelling the circumstellar disks of Be stars in X-ray binary systems in the SMC and LMC
PDF-46 T. Ueta, A.G. Ginsburg, Spitzer SAGE Team Identification of post-AGB stars from the SAGE database
PDF-47 U.P. Vijh, M. Meixner, B.L. Babler, M. Block, S. Bracker, C.W. Engelbracht, B.-Q. For, K.D. Gordon, J.L. Hora, R. Indebetouw, C. Leitherer, M. Meade, K.A. Misselt, M. Sewilo, S. Srinivasan, B.A. Whitney Variable sources in the LMC using the SAGE survey
PDF-48 S. Villanova, D. Geisler, R. Mateluna, F. Mauro, A.A. Cole, A.J. Grocholski, A. Sarajedini, V.V. Smith Detailed abundances in star clusters and field stars as probes of the chemical evolution of the LMC
P-19 N.R. Walborn A three-decade outburst of the LMC luminous blue variable R127 draws to a close
PDF-49 M. Wang, Y.-N. Chin, C. Henkel, J.B. Whiteoak, M.R. Cunningham Abundances and isotope ratios in N113
PDF-50 P.A. Whitelock, J.W. Menzies, M.W. Feast AGB variables in the Fornax dwarf galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud
PDF-51 T. Wong, Y. Fukui, A. Kawamura, N. Mizuno, A. Hughes, J. Ott, E. Muller, J.L. Pineda, L. Staveley-Smith, S. Kim, Y. Mizuno, M. Murai The correlation between CO and HI emission in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PDF-52 A. Zezas, S. Laycock, J. Hong, V. Antoniou, C. Heinke, V. Kalogera, J. McDowell, J. Drake, J.S. Gallagher, M. Smith, G. Fabbiano Exploring the SMC to the faintest X-ray fluxes: First results from a Chandra survey