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Alvio Renzini
Opening remarks
Richard Stancliffe
Key Talk: Understood, uncertain and unknown physics of super-AGB stars
Falk Herwig
The physics of burning and convective mixing in super-AGB stars as a function of metallicity
Pilar Gil-Pons
(Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Evolution of primordial and Z=0.00001 SAGB stars
Herbert Lau
An Explosive End to Intermediate-Mass Zero-Metallicity Stars
Kurtis Williams
(Austin, Texas)
Key Talk: Observational constraints on the most massive white dwarf progenitors
Klaus Werner
Is the hottest known white dwarf a bare O/Ne stellar core?
Nye Evans
Implications for SuperAGB stars from neon novae
Cristina Chiappini
Impact of SAGBs in the early chemical enrichment of the Galaxy
Maria Lugaro
The r+s CEMP stars and AGB supernovae
Stephen Smartt
Key Talk: Observational constraints on the masses of supernova progenitors
Rene Oudmaijer
Properties of post-Red Supergiants
Jeremy Yates
Caught in the act - bipolarity in the molecular outflow of the SuperGiant and suspected SN progenitor NML Cyg
Anita Richards
(University of Manchester)
Maser clues for super-AGB status
Peter Woitke
Understanding the Mass Loss from Red Giant Winds
Gregory Sloan
Distinguishing high-mass evolved stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Alvio Renzini
Closing remarks

Poster 1Dinah Moreira Allen
A comparison between abundances of barium and post-AGB stars
Poster 2Mikako Matsuura
Gas and dust outflow from AGB stars