* A workshop on using ALMA to make progress on our understanding of evolved stars was held in Manchester on 16 December 2010, to prepare for ALMA early science proposals, and to start to define collaborations for the various proposals. Topics covered included: AGB stars; post-AGB stars; Planetary and proto-planetary nebulae; Red supergiants; Disks around evolved stars; Evolved binary systems (e.g., symbiotic stars). Some 30 participants from the UK and Europe took part: weblink

* PDFs are steadily becoming available of the talks at the Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting on "Super-AGB stars and the fine line between White Dwarf or Supernova", in London on 8 February 2008, which enjoyed an excellent attendance of 74: weblink

* The UK Working Group on Evolved Stars organised two sessions at NAM 2007
PDFs are available of some of the contributions and some additionally submitted material:
Explosive and Quiescent Stellar Mass Loss
The Origins of Dust in the Universe

* Input requested from the Evolved Stars community for defining eSMA science
eSMA links the JCMT and CSO submm telescopes to the SMA. Wouter Vlemmings is coordinating the description of the Evolved Stars science case for the eSMA White Paper, and invites input from the UK Evolved Stars community. More details can be found here: eSMA
In view of the upcoming eSMA meeting, input received by 31 January would in particular be useful.