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Title: s process yields in fast rotating low-Z massive star models


Contact person+email: Raphael Hirschi (


Title: Stellar yields of 17 radionuclides (half lives = 0.1 - 100 Myr)

Weblink: to be organised on the COST webpage ?

Contact person+email: Maria Lugaro


Title: Database of stellar evolutionary tracks (Geneva code)


Contact person+email: Georges Meynet

Title: Database of stellar evolutionary tracks (STAREVOL code - Geneva/Montpellier)
Contact person+email: Corinne Charbonnel & Ana Palacios


Title: SYCLIST, interactive tools to interpolate between models, compute isochrones, population synthesis models


Contact person+email: Sylvia Ekström

Cyril Georgy


Title: Padova stellar tracks and isochrones



Contact person+mail: Paola Marigo (?)

Leo Girardi


Title: Yale evolutionary tracks and isochrones


Contact person+mail: Pierre Demarque


Title: The Darthmouth stellar evolution database


Contact person+mail: Aaron Dotter


Title: MESA isochrones and stellar tracks


Contact person+mail: Aaron Dotter


Title: A package to manage and display stellar tracks and isochrones from Pisa low-mass database. Includes tools for isochrones construction and tracks interpolation.


Contact person+email:


Title:BPASS Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis


Contact person+email: JJ Eldridge


Title: stellar models and population synthesis


Contact person+email: Santi Cassisi

Maurizio Salaris

Title: Brussels database of stellar evolutionary tracks and visualisation tools (STAREVOL)
Contact person+email: Lionel Siess


Title: Online Repository for the FRANEC Evolutionary Output (O.R.F.E.O.)


Contact person+email: Alessandro Chieffi

Marco Limongi



Title: FRUITY, low and intermediate mass star yields from Teramo




Title: NuGrid Set I and Set II: AGB models and massive star models which are exploded

Weblinks: Interactive web exploration via WENDI:; All stellar evolution and post-processing data:

Contact: Marco Pignatari, Christian Ritter 


Title: NuGrid low-mass AGB models with larger C13-pocket from gravity waves


Contact: Umberto Battino



Title: binary_c single and binary synthetic evolution and nucleosynthesis


Run your binaries online at:

Contact person+email: Robert Izzard


Title: Single stellar evolution models at various metallicities, including isochrone generator. These models formed the basis of the SSE and binary_c synthetic evolution codes.


Weblink: no currently functioning weblink, tarball is available on request

Contact person+email: Onno Pols


Title: The STARS Cambridge stellar evolution code


Contact person+email: Robert Izzard / Chris Tout


Title: KEPLER ccSN yields for solar metallicity models


Contact person+email: Thomas Rauscher


Title: HESMA -- Heidelberg Supernova Model Archive (contains nucleosynthetic yields and synthetic observables for many 3D SN Ia explosion models)


Contact person+email: Fritz Röpke


Title: r-process yields in magneto-rotational ccSNe


Contact person+email: Nobuya Nishimura


Title: “Japanese” Stellar Yields, 0.9-300Msun, Z=0-0.05 (Nomoto, Kobayashi, Tominaga 2013, ARAA), including Karakas (2010) AGB yields


Contact: Chiaki Kobayashi


Title: Miscellaneous Stellar modelling (and tutorials)


Contact person: Bradley Meyer


Title: Binary Evolutionary Models for short period binaries (TWIN/Eggleton Evolutionary code, 20 000 detailed binary evolution tracks with primary masses 3.5-35{M}⊙, initial orbital periods 1-5 days, varying mass transfer efficiency), De Mink et al. (2007)  

Weblink: … I have the models on file only 5.2 Gb, original website disappeared, can share through dropbox or similar ...

Reference DM+2007,

Contact person+email: Selma de Mink


Title: Predictions for Double compact Objects with the StarTrack population synthesis code


Contact person+email:  Main contact person Chris Belczynski <>

(CheTEC member Selma de Mink,, is co-responsible for one of these modelsets)


Title: Systematic survey of the effects of wind mass loss algorithms on the evolution of single massive stars (Renzo et al. 2017)


Contact person+email:  Mathieu Renzo (, Selma de Mink,


Title : New evolutionary models for pre-main sequence and main sequence low mass stars down to the hydrogen burning limit"

Website :

Contact person + email : Isabelle Baraffe