Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Nuclear Data Directory

List of databases/datasets for Nuclear datasets


Brussels Nuclear Data Library

Stéphane Goriely



Stéphane Goriely



Viktor Zerkin



Valentina Semkova


JINA Reaclib database

Hendrik Schatz


The JINA center tools and data (and contained links)

Hendrik Schatz


National Nuclear Database

Contact is unclear - contact via webpages


AMDC Atomic Mass Data Center

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Zsolt Fülöp (p-process); I. Dillmann (n-captures) interactive:

Predictions of nuclear reaction cross sections, astrophysical reaction rates, ground-state contributions to stellar rates, sensitivities of cross sections and rates to Hauser-Feshbach input variations

Thomas Rauscher,

Further tables of nuclear partition functions, parity distribution in nuclear level density, effective energy windows for astrophysics (true Gamow windows), revised recommended neutron capture rates, example REACLIB file, SMARAGD Hauser-Feshbach rates for THEXO

Thomas Rauscher,



Reaction rates from Iliadis et al. (with Monte Carlo uncertainties)

Rate Library:



Existing data: weak rates, ffn, GMP, TY, Goriely,


--> links to weak rate tables



Beta-decay half-lives r process nuclei


P. Möller, B. Pfeiffer, and K.-L. Kratz, Phys. Rev. C 67, 55802 (2003).


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M. T. Mustonen and J. Engel, Phys. Rev. C 93, 14304 (2016).