Information for Possible ASTRA Collaborators

  1. All collaboration teams will have Adelman, Gulliver, and/or Smalley as a member(s) and as a coauthor(s) on all resulting papers. Two or all of them may participate in a given project if they are particularly interested and contribute more than data and an understanding of its properties.
  2. The ASTRA data will be analyzed and submitted for publication in a timely manner. To keep ASTRA operations funded requires the publication of scientifically important and useful results. We will endeavor to provide sufficient observations for each accepted collaboration in the first 1.5 years of scientific operations so that an assessment of the project can be performed and an initial publication can be written and submitted.
  3. We will obtain simultaneous as well as phase-dependent observations.
  4. We are interested in long term partnerships.
  5. All papers will be part of an ASTRA paper series.
  6. The spectrophotometric data will appear in a public catalog after a substantial use of the data has been made. This catalog, coauthored by Adelman, Gulliver, and Smalley, will include references to papers in which the data were used.
  7. Observations may be used for more than one program.
  8. Page charges, if any, will be the responsibility of the other collaborators.

If you are interested, please contract one of us as soon as possible: Saul J. Adelman (, Austin F. Gulliver (, and Barry Smalley (

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