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The ASTRA (Automated Spectrophotometric Telescope Research Associates) comprises a Cassegrain Spectrophotometer and its automated 0.5-m f/16 telescope.

The spectrograph uses both a grating and a cross-dispersing prism to produce spectra from both the first and the second orders simultaneously. The square 30 arc second sky fields for each order do not overlap. The resolution is 7Å in second and 14Å in first order. The wavelength range is of approximately λλ3300-9000.

Some Information for Collaborators is also available.


The first test observation of the Solar Spectrum was taken on Saturday 12 August 2006.


Presentation at IAU XXVIth General Assembly in Prague (Czech Republic), August 2006. Presentations at The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric and Polarimetric Standardization Workshop, in Blankenberge (Belgium), May 2006.


Barry Smalley
March 2020