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TANGO Network – Research Task 3.7

Task 3.7 – Numerical and analytical study of industrial gas turbine

Giovanni Campa, , Ansaldo Energia, Genova, Italy.
Prof. Alex Bottaro, , University of Genova, Italy.

In task 3.7 of the TANGO Network, a numerical code will be developed to model a generic industrial gas turbine. This will be achieved by an iterative process between an analytical and numerical approach: On the analytical front, scaling laws (and other generic results) will be predicted. On the numerical front, an existing code (based on Comsol) will be extended to include mean flow, vorticity and nonlinear effects. Adjustments at the analytical and numerical front will be made in an iterative fashion by comparing key results. The end product will be an efficient numerical code that can then be used in numerical experiments to explore methods to control combustion instabilities. This task will benefit from the insights gained in work package 2, particularly in tasks 2.2 and 2.4 of the TANGO Network.