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TANGO Network – Research Task 3.3

Task 3.3 – Analytical study of idealised combustion system with heat exchanger

Supervisor: Professor Maria Heckl,
Host: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Keele University, UK.

Task 3.3 of the TANGO Network will develop an analytical model for a combustion system with a row of cylindrical tubes simulating the heat exchanger. The local behaviour of an individual tube will be described by the equations of motion of thin cylindrical shells with fluid-loading. The Bloch/Floquet theorem will be used to model the whole tube row. A combined model for a tube row in a combustion chamber will make it possible to determine the effect of various heat exchanger properties (such as tube spacing, tube flexibility). There will be close interaction with task 3.2 of the TANGO Network, which shares the aspect of spatial periodicity.