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TANGO Network – Research Task 2.3

Task 2.3 – Experimental study of turbulent swirl combustor

Supervisor: Prof. R.I. Sujith,
Host: IIT Madras, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Chennai, India.

Task 2.3 of the TANGO Network is centred on a turbulent swirl combustor. This rig already exists, and first measurements have been taken. It has a modular design, comprising inlet, mixing section, swirl generator and combustion chamber. Pressure transducers are mounted along the inlet section and combustion chamber. Transparent quartz glass windows provide access for optical diagnostics. Of particular interest is the convective transport of hydrodynamic structures. An extensive test series is planned with variation of a range of parameters (power, equivalence ratio, swirler position, combustor length, boundary conditions, etc). This task will benefit from insight gained in tasks 1.1 and 2.1.