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TANGO Network – Research Task 2.1

Task 2.1 – Time- and frequency-domain representations of heat release laws

Supervisor: Professor Maria Heckl,
Host: Keele University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, UK.

This task, originally “Experimental study of turbulent dump combustor”, has been reshaped to focus on representations in the time- and frequency-domain of the heat release from a flame in an acoustic field. In the time-domain, the representation is in terms of extended nτ-laws featuring distributions of time-lags. In the frequency-domain, it is in terms flame transfer functions (FTFs) and flame describing functions (FDFs). Analytical descriptions will be derived for the amplitude-dependence of a given FDF that has been obtained by experiment or numerical simulation. These will be used to elicit the physical effects that determine the properties of the FDF and to incorporate in the models developed in tasks 2.5 and 3.7.