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TANGO Network – PhD Position (Task 3.4)

Task 3.4 – Study of a thermo-acoustic system with heat exchanger in cross-flow

Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Polifke,
Host: Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen, Depertment of Mechanical Engineering, Germany.

Task 3.4 of the TANGO Network deals with the same setup as task 3.3, but includes a cross-flow of hot fluid passing through the gaps between the tubes and cooling down in the process. The heat transfer between the tubes and the fluid is expected to couple with the sound field in the combustion chamber, thus turning the tube row into a source or sink of acoustic energy. As a result, a combustion instability may be enhanced or damped. This will be studied by a numerical and experimental approach, and the effect of various parameters, such as mean flow and fluid temperature, will be determined. There will be close interaction with task 3.3 of the TANGO Network.