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TANGO Network – Outreach

TANGO Science Market
(Keele University, September 2014)


Introduction by Maria Heckl

Introduction by Aswathy Surendran, Naseh Hosseini and Luck Peerlings
video | presentation (pptx)

Market Stall 1
Sound – Feedback by Lin Strobio Chen and Jonathan Tournadre
video | presentation (pptx)

Market Stall 2
Complex Oscillations by Alessandra Bigongiari and Aswathy Surendran
video | presentation (pdf)
animations: single pendulum | double pendulum | travelling wave | standing wave

Market Stall 3
The Bottle Carousel by Wei Na and Luck Peerlings
video | presentation (pdf)

Market Stall 4
Flow through Small Holes by Muttalip Temiz and Nalini Muhkerjee
video | presentation (pptx) | animations 1234567

Market Stall 5
Swirl Flow and Flames by Alp Albayrak and Dmytro Iurashev
video | presentation (pdf)

Market Stall 6
The Singing Flame by Naseh Hosseini and Driek Rouwenhorst
video | presentation (pdf) | video of singing flame