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TANGO Network – PhD Research Position (Task 1.2)

Task 1.2 – Numerical study of laminar dump combustor and its cold-flow equivalent

Supervisor: Dr Gunilla Efraimsson,
Host: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Task 1.2 of the TANGO Network will provide the link between the thermo- and electro-acoustic version of the laminar dump combustor. The flame will be modelled as a monopole sound source, given by a numerical solution of the G-equation (a nonlinear PDE for the position of the flame front). The coupling between the hydrodynamic and acoustic fields will be simulated using an in-house linearized Navier-Stokes solver. This task will provide important information for task 1.1 regarding the properties that the electro-acoustic system needs to have in order to mimic a real flame.