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This table gives the total number of known transiting planetary systems, split into well-studied planets, little-studied planets, and brown dwarfs.

The objects are subdivided according to the consortium which discovered them, based primarily on the names of the planets.

Any planet whose name begins with "OGLE" will be attributed to the OGLE consortium, although several groups participated in this work. Similarly, any planet with a name beginning "Kepler", "KIC" or "KOI" is assigned to the Kepler satellite.

Discovery source Well-studied Little-studied Brown dwarfs
Kepler 269 743 5
SuperWASP 166   1
K2 126 72 3
HAT-South 66    
HATnet 59    
CoRoT 29   3
KELT 17   1
OGLE 8    
Qatar 7    
XO 6    
TrES 5    
MEarth 2   1
WTS 2    
Other 50   1
TOTAL1627 15


Last modified: 2019/03/21           John Southworth   (Keele University, UK)