After Joana and I observed together at the European Southern Observatory at La Silla, we used public transport to enjoy a few holidays - mainly around San Pedro de Atacama.
Slide 4560 View from La Silla (2450m) in July, with snow covering the mountain ranges above about 3000m (the mountains in the picture reach altitudes of around 4000m).  
Slide 4580 Half-buried ruins of the ancient (800 BC) indigenous village of Tulor, at the edge of the salar de Atacama (2400m). We bicycled to get here.  
Slide 4587 Looking across the Salar de Atacama towards the Southeast, snow-covered mountains and volcanoes on the altiplano are visible from more than 100 km distance.  
Slide 4592 Near the top of a steep hill, Joana jumped of her bike, ran ahead, and took this picture.  
Slide 4595 Valle de la Luna, backed by snow-capped volcanoes.  
Slide 4597 Valle de la Luna, with Luna in the sky.  
Slide 4607 Geysers del Tatio (4300m).  
Slide 4613 Geyser.  
Slide 4616 Vicunhas, just about to leave...  
Slide 4617 Looking West in the direction of the village Caspana, with the Atacama dessert in the distance.  
Slide 4625 Farmland near Caspana.  
Slide 4637 View from top of the 12-th century Pukara de Lasana. The snow-capped pair of volcanoes in the background must be those of San Pedro and San Pablo.