BOLIVIA (1997)

In August 1997, I went to the Cordillera Real Northwest of La Paz, Bolivia, and then climbed Volcan Parinacota (6342m) on the border with Chile before observing at ESO La Silla.
Slide 3022 Valle de la Luna near Mallasa (3600m) just Southeast of La Paz, a day trip to acclimatise, and to give the Instituto Geographico Militar time to copy a map for me (always add an extra day or two when in Bolivia).  
Slide 3024 Still Valle de la Luna, with the Sun setting and the weather turning nasty. Beautiful.  
Slide 3025 About time to return La Paz (by bus).  
Slide 3034 The trek started in the town of Sorata (2800m), and headed Southeast, keeping the cloudy Nevado Illampu (6368m) on the right.  
Slide 3035 Estancia Lakhathiya (3800m).  
Slide 3037 On an unnamed pass (4850m; just South of Cerro Huila Kkota), looking Eastwards ahead into the Quebrada de Janq'uma Jahuira.  
Slide 3039 ... and looking back through the valley of the Rio Lakhatiya Jahuira towards Sorata, which is invisble down in the blue haze.  
Slide 3045 Surprise: another (four-legged) traveller, on the Abra Kkora Huasi (4479m) looking back and beyond from where I came into the valley of the Rio Chuchu Jahuira.  
Slide 3050 Children in the village of Cocoyo (3560m).  
Slide 3051 Leaving behind Communidad Cocoyo, looking back towards the Abra Kkora Huasi on the right and the Illampu on the left.  
Slide 3056 Yet another mountain pass, the Paso Sarani (4500m) provides a splendid view of the Grupo Chajowara (5506m) on the right and the Nevado Killibirti (5398m) on the left, in between which I would cross...  
Slide 3071 ... right here (unnamed pass, 4900m).  
Slide 3083 Children in the valley of Rio Chiquini.  
Slide 3084 And with an older sister.  
Slide 3089 Irrigation channel in the valley of the Rio Waraco.  
Slide 3094 Idyllic, but I have to check where was this again...  
Slide 3095 I had to skirt around this glacier (4700m) at the right handside.  
Slide 3104 Having shared a few delicious potatoes and stories about the planets, I slept in a storage room. The next cold morning, life starts slowly in Estacion Lloco Lloconi.  
Slide 3109 Llamas forcing me to leave the road, in the upper part of the valley of the Chekapa river.  
Slide 3113 The road stopped below the Apacheta pass (5100m). In the distance is the Grupo Condoriri - with Cerro Condoriri (5648m) just visible on the left - but, running low on supplies, at the bottom of the valley I would turn right towards the altiplano.  
Slide 3116 Looking back towards the Apacheta pass, I had left a clearly visible trail. The only other marks in the snow were the footprints of a puma.  
Slide 3123 Hamlet near Lago Sora Kkota. The people here were less friendly than at the other side of the mountains.  
Slide 3130 La Paz (3700m), with the Nevado Illimani (6462m) on the right and the Mururata (5869m) on the left.  
Slide 3135 In La Paz I bought a ticket for the bus to Chile: they agreed to drop me off at the border and pick me up a couple of days afterwards. Here a view of Volcan Sajama (6542m) from the Southwest.  
Slide 3138 And Volcan Parinacota (6342m) from the Southeast.  
Slide 3140 High up the slopes of Volcan Parinacota, there are nice views of Lago Chungara (4500m) and Volcan Guallatiri (6063m, to the right with a little smoke plume), in Chile, where I had walked in 1993. Bolivia lies to the left of the mountain ranges.  
Slide 3143 On the top of the crater rim. The time delay of the camera shutter was just not long enough for me to walk back, stand upright and pose properly.  
Slide 3144 View from the crater rim. I had come from the left, and up via where the snow fields start. The road between Bolivia and Chile runs behind the snow-peaked mountain on the left (the faint trail visible in front is no longer in use).  
Slide 3147 Volcan Parinacota the next morning.  
Slide 3152 Looking North across the pampa to yet more snow-covered mountains.  
Slide 3153 Church in Sajama, with the Volcan Sajama in the background.