OK, if you haven't already seen my name scattered about somewhere before now, my name is Peter Dale. I'm a pupil at Wolstanton High School and I am, at present, in year 10 (although I will probably be in year 11 by the time anyone sees this). During the final week of the school year I didn't go to school! Is it because I'm a naughty boy? Not at all! I am a very reliable young man (so people tell me) and have never played truant! Anyway, I wasn't at school because I was on a work experience course at Keele University! My task was to produce a web page packed with information on eclipses. I've done about 6 or 7, so I've done rather well!

It was my interest in astronomy that made me decide to atempt this task. But my knowledge on creating web pages was... well, I had no knowledge on creating web pages! You can imagine how that made me feel, right? Scared! Luckily, Barry Smalley, the member of the astrophysics group who was responsible for me was around when I needed him. Not to mention the astrophysics students, who helped me out when I needed it (and with the 'netscape' acting up the way it was, I needed all the help I could get!). A BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped me progress to this high standard in the space of 1 week!!!

For 'copywrite' purposes I have included the location addresses of all the pictures I used, and have put them in the form of links. However, I was unable to put the full addresses. The links will probably only get you to the home pages of each site! If you want to check I'm telling the truth, happy hunting! You'll be looking for quite a while (not because they aren't there, but because there's so much to look through)!

Right then, You're probably wondering what this 15 year old kid looks like aren't you? I thought so. So, I've included a photo of yours truly just below to end your suspense:

If you don't know me personally, you're probably saying to yourself "He's not 15!" but I assure you that I am. And to prove it, here's my full name and birthday:

NAME: Peter Christopher Dale

(I'll be 16 in a month or two)

If you still don't believe me, tough. I don't have access to my birth certificate!