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Staff Contact Details

Keele Astrophysics Group Photograph Astrophysics Group
Lennard-Jones Building
Keele University
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1782 733527
Fax: +44 (0)1782 733750

All the phone numbers should be prefixed by 01782 (within the UK) or +44-1782 (outside the UK). For e-mail add to the email address below.

Academic Staff Room Tel. Email
Prof Aneurin Evans LJ2.03 733342 a.evans
Prof Coel Hellier LJ2.04 734243 c.hellier
Dr Raphael Hirschi LJ2.09 733324 r.hirschi
Prof Rob D. Jeffries LJ2.08 733892 r.d.jeffries
Dr Pierre F.L. Maxted LJ2.06 733457 p.maxted
Dr Dean E. McLaughlin LJ1.49 734113 d.e.mclaughlin
Dr Joana M. Oliveira LJ1.48 733493 j.oliveira
Dr Barry Smalley LJ2.05 734229 b.smalley
Dr John Taylor LJ1.42 733494 j.k.taylor
Dr Jacco Th. van Loon LJ2.07 733331 j.t.van.loon

Ernest Rutherford Fellow Room Tel. Email
Nick Wright LJ0.15A 734997 n.j.wright

Teaching Fellow Room Tel. Email
Patrick Connell LJ0.15A 734922 p.j.connell

Research Staff Room Tel. Email
Dr David R. Anderson LJ0.17B 733581 d.r.anderson
Dr Umberto Battino LJ0.17C 733531 u.battino
Dr Richard Jackson LJ0.17B 733581 r.j.jackson
Dr Andrew Lobban LJ0.17C 733531 a.p.lobban1

Associate Staff Room Tel. Email
Dr Vic Tyne LJ2.01 733668 v.h.tyne

Research Students Room Tel. Email
Ameerah Al-Sadooni LJ2.01 733668
Joseph Armstrong LJ2.01 733668 j.armstrong
Ryan Brown LJ2.01 733668 r.a.brown1
Ben Clark LJ2.01 733668 b.j.clark
Michele Costa LJ2.01 733668 m.t.costa
Jacqueline den Hartogh LJ2.01 733668 j.den.hartogh
Daniel Evans LJ2.01 733668 d.f.evans
Samuel Gill LJ2.01 733668 s.gill
Steve Goldman LJ2.01 733668 s.r.goldman
Lewis Green LJ2.01 733668
Etienne Kaiser LJ2.01 733668 e.kaiser
Jessica Kirkby-Kent LJ2.01 733668 j.a.kirkby-kent
Teo Mocnik LJ2.01 733668 t.mocnik
Emmal Safi LJ2.01 733668 e.safi
Laura Scott LJ2.01 733668 l.j.a.scott
Lorna Temple LJ2.01 733668 l.y.temple
Viktor Zivkov LJ2.01 733668 v.zivkov

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