Mass Loss from Red Giants in the Magellanic Clouds

* Spitzer sees ices in magellanic baby star

And it comes in flavours! Read more about this

* Modelling Team Workshop in Manchester

A one-day workshop was held at the University of Manchester, UK, on 27 April 2005. This was to discuss the current state of the spectra and to discuss modelling the spectra in order to derive mass-loss rates, mineralogy and molecular abundances. Attendance was restricted to team members and by invitation. More information.

* All LMC data have now been collected

SMC observations were performed in April 2005, but some will be performed later due to Spitzer having gone into "Safe Mode".

* All requested time has been awarded

by the Spitzer Space Telescope time allocation panel, to the Wood et al. proposal of spectroscopy of mass-losing red giants in the magellanic clouds!