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Ogley's ugly mugWelcome to my home page. For those of you who are interested, I am a research astronomer at the University of Keele, and have been doing that job in various places since getting my PhD in 1998.
New stuff I have got a job at Swinburne University of Technology in the Astrophysics and supercomputing department. This position will be primarily concerned with simulating aspects of the new radio telescope: The SKA, and I start in Apr 2003.

I also am the editor and madwebmaster to K-MAD, the Keele Model Atmosphere Directory, along with Allie Ford.

Here are a list of my published papers, in a research page.
And here are some astronomy references, and useful tables.

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Spiders of Victoria

New stuffFrom the UK, coming to Australia in the summer was fun! My spider discovery log describes some of the spiders I have found in and around the house. Not been bitten yet!


While I am not doing research, my current interests lie in the past (which is maybe why I am doing astronomy). I love going round historic sites, mainly castles. Luckilly I used to live on the English-Welsh border and so journeyed into Wales a lot.

A comment like this would be incomplete without a link to CADW, the Welsh historic protection site, English Heritage, and my driving in Wales reference.


I also like learning about the history of language, and how language evolves. English is fascinating in that respect since it has such a varied and strong history. So, if you are interested, then I will be putting up a history link sometime otherwise here is the history of French: Académie Française (since they are so closely linked).


Slightly more modern interests of mine are aircraft and flying. This might grow, so I have included a link for it all.


Then I also do computer things, like Linux administration, and a little bit of programming.

A page on file magic numbers.

I have put together a page of the astronomical computing I do. Here are collections of programmes which I have written to help me do parts of my research.

Here are some of my Unix and package tips.

Stuff [ Cam, Ppl ]

newPhotos of our housein Melbourne.

Uppsala conference pictures (with pingus).

A few of my friends have homepages, so this is a link to: other people's home pages

Have you ever wondered what the sun does to us? Well, here is the current solar environment. X-rays, and how strong the magnetic field is.

The current solar environment
Solar X-rays: Status Geomagnetic Field: Status

But don't worry, man (and in that I mean predominantly Americans) will destroy the Earth long before the Sun does. According to The Australia Institute, 14.5 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent emission was released in 1998, America contributed 39.5% with 41% coming from combustion, from just only 24% of the population.

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