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Reports and slides

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A collection of slide sets and reports concerning NuGrid projects.

NuGrid status update February 2012
A few slides put together for the JINA advisory committee meeting in March 2012.
JINA presentations
NuGrid contributions to the collection of JINA highlights and NSF site visits.
NuGrid Simulations and Explosive Events - Marco
invited talk at the RAS meeting, February 2014
The intermediate neutron-capture process in stars, and its abundance signatures in presolar grains
Invited talk at the Russbach winter school:
Uncertainties in Chemical Enrichment Models
Benoit Côté, talk at the JINA Frontiers meeting, March 2015
Uncertainties in Chemical Evolution Models Using a Monte Carlo Approach
Benoit Côté, talk at the GNASH workshop, May 2015
Benoit Côté, talk at the NuGrid Collaboration meeting, September 2015
Chemical Evolution at Different Scales and the Reliability of Numerical Predictions
Benoit Côté, talk at the Startalk seminar in Victoria, January 2016
Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics to Galactic Chemical Evolution. NuPyCEE, Yield Investigation, Statistical Tools.
Benoit Côté, talk at the NuGrid collaboration meeting, May 2016.
Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics to Cosmological Structure Formation
Benoit Côté, talk at the Galactic Archaeology & Stellar Physics, Nov 2016, Australia

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