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Projects List and Participants

This file is a summary of the active NuGrid projects and their participants.

Active Science Projects

(the person highlighted in bold is the project leader and the main point of contact)
  • Presolar grains from CCSNe. Comparison with stellar models: Marco Pignatari, Reto Trappitsch
  • Code dependencies of massive star evolution and nucleosynthesis models: Sam Jones, Raphael Hirschi, Alex Heger, Marco Pignatari
  • Galactic chemical evolution and iRAWDs: Benoit Côté, Pavel Denissenkov, Falk Herwig, Marco Pignatari, Christian Ritter
  • Supernova explosions ( thermonuclear and core-collapse): Chris Fryer, Wes Even, Alex Heger, Sydney Andrews, Marco Pignatari, Sam Jones, Dean Townsley, Claudia Travaglio)
  • AGB models with new double-f parameter setup for convective-boundary mixing: Umberto Battino , Marco Pignatari, Christian Ritter, Reto Trappitsch, Raphael Hirschi, Falk Herwig, Pavel Denissenkov, Jacqueline den Hartogh
  • Accreting WD and p-process seeds: Umberto Battino, Marco Pignatari, Pavel Denissenkov, Falk Herwig
  • Nucleosynthesis in SNIa - yields production: Claudia Travaglio, Dean Townsley, Kathrin Göbel, Thien Tam Nguyen, Alan Calder, Marco Pignatari
  • Ru-Sr clock: 85Kr(n,g) to constrain the age of the Universe: Rene Reifarth, Kathrin Göbel, Claudia Travaglio, Sara Bisterzo
  • i-process theory paper: Falk Herwig, Marco Pignatari, participants welcome
  • CEMP-s/r stars and i process: Falk Herwig, Christian Ritter, Marco Pignatari, Pavel Denissenkov, ....
  • iRAWDs: Pavel Denissenkov, Umberto Battino, Falk Herwig, Christian Ritter, Marco Pignatari, Sam Jones, ....
  • i-process MPPNP and PPN uncertainty studies: Pavel Denissenkov, Umberto Battino, Falk Herwig, Christian Ritter, Marco Pignatari, Sam Jones
  • Rotation and magnetic fields in AGB stars: Jacqueline den Hartogh, Raphael Hirschi, Falk Herwig, Marco Pignatari, Umberto Battino, Christian Ritter, ...
  • Impact studies of key nuclear reaction rates on stellar yields: Alexandra (Sasha) Kozyreva, Raphael Hirschi, Jacqueline den Hartogh, Nobuya Nishimura, Falk Herwig, Marco Pignatari, Kathrin Göbel, Alison Laird, Rene Reifarth.
  • Gamma-process in core-collapse supernovae at different explosion energies and stellar initial masses: Marco Pignatari, Alex Heger, Raphael Hirschi
  • Isomers in stellar nucleosynthesis, a new approach for Cl34: Deniz Kurtulgil, Shawn Bishop, Rene Reifarth, Kathrin Göbel, Marco Pignatari
  • Nucleosynthesis in common envelope neutron stars: Alex Diebel, Falk Herwig, James Keegans
  • Gravitational waves and the r process: Benoit Côté, Chris Fryer, JINA-CEE

  • Codes and Tools Development

    • WENDI: Sam Jones, ...
    • NuGridPy: Sam Jones, Falk Herwig, Alex Heger, Raphael Hirschi
    • Test suite: Chris Fryer, Wes Even, Aimee Hungerford
    • Version control: Raphael Hirschi, Wes Even, Falk Herwig, Sam Jones
    • PPN: Wes Even, Marco Pignatari, Sam Jones
    • TPPNP: Wes Even, Chris Fryer, Syndey Andrews
    • MPPNP: Christian Ritter, Sasha Kozyreva, Marco Pignatari
    • Nuclear physics data package: Marco Pignatari, Deniz Kurtulgil, Kathrin Göbel, Alison Laird
    • Numerical solver package: Sam Jones, ...
    • NuPyCEE: Benoit Côté, Christian Ritter, Chris Fryer
    • NuSensi: Kathrin Göbel, Christian Ritter
    • Grain module: Reto Trappitsch, Marco Pignatari
    • Examples repository: A. Laird, F. Herwig, P. Denissenkov, M. Pignatari

    Completed Projects

    See the Publications folder.

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