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Nova Project

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A collaboration between JINA, TRIUMF and UVic. Applying the MESA stellar evolution code and the NuGrid codes to the Nova problem. Lead scientist: Pavel Denissenkov. Feb 2012.

The Nova Framework
A web page on the TRIUMF Nuclear Astrophysics Group home page with a technical report, tools and resources to compute nova models.
Nova project update
3 slides, pdf format. Feb 2012.
Nova project update
Feb 2012. pptx format. 3 slides.
MESA/NuGrid tutorial
A step-by-step guide to use the MESA and NuGrid codes for evolution and nucleosynthesis simulations of nova.
Nova papers
This folder contains links to and/or pdf files with our nova papers
Download nova virtual box
This virtual machine can be run in the freely available Oracle VirtualBox software. It allows performing nova single zone simulations presented in the Nova papers that can be found in this directory (see below).
Guide to run
This guide is part of the NuGrid ppn-nova framework. It shows how you can use the ppn-nova virtual machine to generate Fig.15 in Denissenkov etal. 2014 (MNRAS, arXiv:1303.6265).
Nova screencast
A 9 min tutorial how to perform one-zone simulations with the nova framework.

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