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2009 Year 2 Collaboration Meeting

Notre Dame University, IN, USA - July 20-24 2009

NUGRID: 2nd Collaboration Meeting

The NuGrid collaboration works actively since fall 2007 to create a framework for massively parallel nucleosynthesis simulations with up-to-date and flexible nuclear physics input. The initial science goal is to provide complete set (Set 1) of stellar evolution sequences for low-mass and massive stars with compatible input physics, including explosion simulations for metallicity Z=0.01, and calculate the complete nucleosynthesis with the same post-processing code. In this way we will obtain a high degree of internal consistency. Eventually we plan to generate yield sets covering the entire mass and metallicity space, in collaboration with teams working in galaxy chemical evolution and near-field cosmology.


The goals of the NuGrid collaboration is to develop and maintain a state-of the-art nucleosynthesis post-processing network code (PPN), to generate an up-to-date library of stellar evolution and explosion (SEE) simulations and to perform consistent yield calculations by applying the PPN codes to the SEE library. In addition to these primary goals there are numerous opportunities to perform specific studies and carry out targeted investigations addressing needs at both the nuclear physics as well as the observers end of the nuclear astrophysics field.


Thursday evening: dinner (time and location to be determined)

Friday morning: meetings in Physics - 202 Nieuwland Science Hall (see the map).

  • our first set of yields for Z=0.01 and a wide range of masses
  • the effect of new nuclear reaction rates, like the C12+C12 rate
  • s-process in massive stars, explosive He-shell burning
  • nucleosynthesis in convective-reactive phases like H-ingestion flash WD Sakurai's object
and more ...


We would like to invite scientists to join us on Friday the 24th of July for a series of presentations and open discussions around the theme and science related to the NuGrid goals.  Related fields: Astronomy & spectroscopic observations; abundances in presolar grains; nuclear reaction rates.....

We would like to show case the NuGrid project, and equally like to hear back about your needs, possible areas of collaboration etc. Consider yourself as our advisory board. Basically, we would like to facilitate a day of fruitful discussion of nucleosynthesis and stellar simulation which could help to set the future direction of our collaboration.

MAP for the meeting: Notre Dame University:


The open day meeting will be in Physics - 202 Nieuwland Science Hall (see the map).

In the map are also indicated free parking places. More informations will be given in the next days.

The phone number in the meeting room is +1574 631 7717.


Collaboration meeting:

Raphael Hirschi (Keele, UK)
Michael Bennett (Keele, UK)
Marco Pignatari (Victoria, BC/Keele, UK)
Chris Fryer (LANL)
Gabe Rockefeller (LANL)
Falk Herwig (Victoria, BC)

Attending the Open Day:

Michael Wiescher (ND) and group
Richard H. Cyburt (MSU/NCSL)
Jim Truran (Chicago)


1. Please let us know asap if you would like to attend the Open Day.
2. Should we start already Thursday afternoon? Should we move the whole day to Thursday?
3. Would you give a short visitor presentation? About what?
4. Who would you bring along?
5. Who should we also invite for this Open Day?
6. What would you want most to see us present?
7. Anything else?

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